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Home-buying BFFs: Who You Need By Your Side When You Buy a Home

Home-buying BFFs: Who You Need By Your Side When You Buy a Home


You’ve probably heard about celebrity bromances and girl squads, you know those little groups of famous friends who’ve vowed to be besties forever. Maybe you’ve even got your own tight-knit group of friends.

Well, when you're buying a home, there are a few key people who will play a major part in your home-buying process and they’re more than worth the title of BFF! Which home-buying BFFs should you add to your #squad?

1. A Mortgage Lender

Some home buyers may look at their mortgage lender as more of a frenemy, someone that they’re friendly with, but secretly fear. If you’re feeling that way as you’re heading into the home-buying process, don’t. Your mortgage lender should be a major BFF!

Look at your mortgage lender as the friend that keeps you responsible! When you’ve got your finances in line, your lender can help you get loan preapproval, which will make you more of a competitive buyer. They’ll also help you secure mortgage approval and lock in a great rate for the life of your loan.

2. A Home Inspector

This home-buying BFF is your super-thorough friend, who always helps you see things for what they are. When it comes to buying a home, your home inspector is the person who is going to make sure you don’t buy a home that becomes a problem after you close. They’ll scour your potential home and tell you all the deep, dark secrets they find inside. Like any BFF, your home inspector needs to be someone you trust completely!

3. ATitle Officer

Everyone needs a BFF that is good at digging up the dirt on something, right? That’s exactly what your title officer will do for your new home during the buying process. Title companies search property records to make sure that when the closing process is over, your new home is rightfully yours! Like a true friend to the end, you also may see your title officer at the closing table. This home-buying BFF may be the one to hand you the keys to your new home!

4. A Real Estate Agent

Now, for the BFF that keeps your home-buying #squad together, your real estate agent! This is the home-buying BFF who is there through it all. In fact, your real estate agent may be able to coordinate your entire home-buying process. Now, that’s a BFF you’ll want around!

In the beginning, you’ll share your home-buying wants and needs with your real estate agent. They’ll share potential homes with you. You’ll tell your agent when you’re ready to make an offer on a home. They’ll not only help you place that offer, but they’ll also stand up for you during the negotiating process. They’ll gladly introduce you to their other BFFs, like possible lenders, inspectors and service professionals you may need during the closing process. Your real estate agent will be with you at the closing table and even long afterward!

In fact, you’ll want to keep your real estate agent as a BFF for as long as you can. If you decide to sell your home, they’ll be able to help you do that, too. Plus, you’ll already know how helpful they are when you’re ready to buy again.

Is it time for you to put together a trustworthy team of home-buying BFFs? Talk to a real estate agent today!