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Make a Buyer's Summer Love Last with Summer Home Staging Tips

Make a Buyer's Summer Love Last with Summer Home Staging Tips

Summer isn’t called “swimsuit season” for no reason. Many people try to slim down, tone up and do whatever they can to show off all of their best assets before they hit the beach or attend any other summer functions. The same could (and should) be said for the summer home-selling-and-buying season. Just like finding that hot hunk or beach babe, many buyers are ready and eager to make a move when they find an attractive home. So, sellers, it is very important for you to do what you can to keep your home trimmed down, cleaned up and ready to show off!

An easy way to give a home a little summer loving is by staging. With just a few simple tips, you can take a home from ordinarily drab to summer fab. Here are a few of our favorite home staging tips that will have your home in summer-showing shape in no time:

1. Approachability is everything.

Often times, nothing says “single and ready to mingle” more than your outward demeanor. The same goes for your home. Before you give buyers your digits – your address, that is - make sure that your house number is clearly visible from the street where potential buyers will approach from. Also, you can also help to boost your home’s approachability by purchasing a stylish new welcome mat. Remember, your home looking good = you feeling good about the sale!

2. Proper hygiene is a must.

When it comes to summer home hygiene, think curb appeal and lawn maintenance. With a home on the market, there is not enough pruning that you can do! Don’t wait for word of a showing to mow the lawn or trim the hedges. You never know when Mr. or Miss Right Buyer will drive by. In the same way that people try to maximize their summertime glow, make sure to maximize your lawn’s summertime green and keep your garden free from weeds or other debris.

Of course, home hygiene doesn’t stop in the front yard. The same goes for your home’s backside, too. Accent all of your back yard’s best assets. If you’ve got a pool, it is important to keep it clean and stage it as the peaceful, backyard oasis it is. Think more mood lighting and less children’s toys. You can also add a few extra flowers to draw attention to your favorite areas of the back yard.

Remember, beauty is not only skin deep. So, after you’ve spruced up the outside of your home, focus on what’s inside. Be ready for the right buyer by giving your home the spa treatment from top to bottom. Think of your windows as your smile and make sure they’re sparkling bright to let the summer sun in.

3. Getting “decked out” is a good thing.

You want to show summer suitors that your home is beautiful from the inside-out. So, after you’ve invited them in and they’ve got to know a little more about what’s inside, WOW them by staging your patio or deck. It is a great way to increase your home’s square footage or at least make it appear larger. Set up a well-dressed table and chairs or cozy corner where potential buyers can envision themselves relaxing all summer long. Summery pillows and lightly-scented candles will add a nice ambiance as well.

4. It is OK to fall in love with summer.

When you’re staging your home for summer, you can absolutely feel free to embrace the signs of the season. Lighten up your home with fresh flowers or other summery accents. Colorful towels will revitalize your bathrooms and kitchen and bright pillows will make your family room and bedrooms shine. Remember, when it comes to summer love, first impressions mean a lot.

With just a little home maintenance and some proper staging, you can turn your home’s summer fling into the real thing! Let your home’s natural features attract prospective buyers. Keep them swooning by trimming down, cleaning up and decking out your home for summer!