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Fall is Fashionable! 5 Great Ways to Bring Fall into Your Home

Fall is Fashionable! 5 Great Ways to Bring Fall into Your Home

There are many things to love about fall… crisp clean air, beautiful fall foliage, pumpkin-flavored everything… and, that’s just a few of our favorites! Fall also presents an awesome opportunity to do a little festive decorating around the house.

The beauty of fall decorating is that you can use your favorite inspirations as decorations!  How? Read on for five fashionable and festive ways to bring fall’s beauty inside your home:


Get Gourdgeous!

They come in all shapes, sizes and even in a variety of seasonal colors! Use them as decorative centerpieces or to add a little flair to your ordinary candles or to make your fireplace more festive. You’ll quickly find yourself asking, “What can’t I do with some colorful gourds?!”



Mums are the Word!

How is it that this hardy fall flower just happens to bloom in all of fall’s most vibrant colors? We don’t have the answer, but we do have a ton of uses for festive fall flowers. Not only will they brighten up any room, but a seasonal arrangement won’t cost a fortune. Along with the mums, try goldenrod, sage or sunflowers to accent your décor.



Cozy is Chic!

While you may be looking forward to donning your favorite sweater, hooded sweatshirt or fits-just-right flannel shirt, you can also take comfort in knowing that those deep patterns can add the perfect amount of autumn to your home. Add a plaid tablecloth or houndstooth runner to your dining room table; even placing your favorite fall throw across your couch or bed will make it pop with a little touch of fall.



Make a Cornucopia of Color!

Another great thing about decorating your home for fall is that you can combine several pieces of foliage into one incredible array! Welcome the season by creating your own wreath out of some of your favorite pieces of fall foliage. Seasonalize your usual décor by adding a framed photo of a branch or leaf to a family photo collage… you’ll bring a whole new meaning to “family tree.”



Add a Little and Get a Lot

If the thought of all those beautiful fall colors at once is too much for your taste and neutrals are more your thing, it is OK to start simply and add just a hue or two. Bright orange or rustic red throw pillows can really transform a traditional beige couch into a festive accent piece.


Fall provides an abundance of great materials: pumpkins, gourds, flowers, leaves and more; so, it’s a good thing that Pinterest supplies an abundance of awesome inspiration, ideas and tricks of the trade for making the great things you can find there.

Utilize fall’s splendor in your home and don’t be afraid to DIY!