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Bzzzz... Swat! How to Tell Summer Home Pests to Buzz Off!

Bzzzz... Swat! How to Tell Summer Home Pests to Buzz Off!

Since summertime is often a season of entertaining that is full of backyard BBQs, pool parties and other get-togethers, homeowners want to be sure that their homes are prepped and ready to welcome invited guests. What no homeowner wants to worry about are those unwanted summertime guests that always seem to show up at the most inopportune times. You know who they are; they’re creepy, crawly, winged and weird!

So, what can you do to make sure that your summer goings-on are going on without uninvited pests? We’re examining a few of the most common summer home pests and what you can do to protect yourself from their often damaging ways.

Mosquitoes – They’re itchy, illness-carrying bugs that are one of summer’s biggest outdoor nuisances. They love shallow water, like puddles or water-filled pots, you know like the leftover water in the flowers you over-watered last week. Other than lathering up with chemical-laden sprays or bug lotions, how can you protect yourself and your family from those annoying mosquitoes? Do your best to keep standing water from gathering near your home. Regularly empty out your flower pots and don’t allow water to pool near your home’s foundation.

Stink Bugs – You may have heard that a dog’s bark is worse than its bite. With stink bugs, their stench is far worse than their bite. In fact, stink bugs can’t actually bite and are mostly harmless, but they do stink and they will try to take a taste or two of your fresh fruits and vegetables. Keeping all screens in your windows and always closing entry doors are great ways to fend off these stinky creatures.

Flies – If you’ve got children or a spouse with a big appetite, you are already used to sharing your food. But, flies are a summertime pest that you definitely don’t want to be sitting anywhere near during your backyard BBQ. Keep those unwanted BBQ guests from entering your home by making sure your screens are up and tightly installed. Though you may be running in and out of your home a lot during the summer season, make sure to always close the door tightly. Don’t leave any traces of that delicious BBQ food laying around either. That is just incentive for flies to stick around.

Ants – Where there is a trail of delicious grilled or baked food or freshly cut fruit, there is potential for an ant invasion. You probably already know that if you see one ant, you’re going to see a swarm of more. Keeping your home squeaky clean, particularly your countertops and floors, before, during and after any party, is the very best way to protect your home from an all-out ant takeover.

Bees – Speaking of swarms, honey, the last thing you want in your business this summer is a bee nest! Some bees are attracted to your food or drinks; but, some may flock to your trash, too. They also may build their nests in the bushes near your home or in any crevice they find to be cozy. Covering food, drinks and trash may help keep them away. However, if you see a nest, you can buy a spray or contact a pest-control professional to shoo the bees away!

Raccoons – Another trash-loving summer pest is the raccoon. These nocturnal ninjas will dive right into any accessible garbage and eat it, scatter it and make an all-out mess. Prevent raccoons from ruining your curb appeal by tightly sealing your trash in a dumpster or covered trash can.

Bats – Unfortunately, we’re not referring to that stealthy caped crusader here. These night-time-loving winged warriors can be downright frightening if they flap their way into your home. Bats typically make their biggest appearance in late summer. But, if one emerges from under your siding or shutters and comes inside, call in a professional to rid you of your unwanted visitor.

Fleas – When it comes to summertime pests, don’t forget to protect your pets! Frequently bathing and brushing your pet will help you to stay on top of these pests. Also, keeping your carpets, couches and other upholstery well-vacuumed will help to keep this pest in control. If your pet has a flea situation that gets out of hand, contact the vet for some professional help.

Ticks – Ticks are a summertime nuisance that can carry the potentially dangerous Lyme disease. They have no preference in latching on to either pets or people and if you find one on the skin, you need to remove it immediately. If you notice a bull’s-eye mark, fever or other aches and pains, contact a doctor of veterinarian ASAP.  

Don’t let summer home pests ruin the entertaining season for you – indoors or outside! Recognize each summer home pest and take appropriate action to protect your family, friends and pets from potentially harmful bites, stings or other annoyances.