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Building a Home? Build a Relationship with an Agent First!

Building a Home? Build a Relationship with an Agent First!

As buyers look for new homes across varying real estate markets, some may find that, for a number of reasons – cost, preference or location, among many others – building a home is a more desirable option than purchasing one off the market. The home-building process may prompt some buyers to go it alone and work directly with a construction company or builder to secure their custom-built home. However, buyers may not realize that an experienced real estate agent may be just the extra tool that they need to make that custom-built home – a custom-built deal!

Buying a home and building a home may seem to fall at both ends of the real estate spectrum, but there are several commonalities between the two that make working with a trusted real estate agent a valuable choice in either process. If you’re building a home, here are a few reasons why you may want to enlist the help of an experienced real estate agent:

1. There is No Out-of-Pocket Expense

Essentially, it costs a buyer nothing to work with a real estate agent during the home-building process. Agent fees are built in to new construction prices. In fact, if a buyer opts not to hire their own agent and chooses to work directly with a builder, those built-in real estate agent costs will go right back to the builder. Why not take advantage of a free service?

2. Everyone Needs an Advocate

While buyers may think that they are able to adequately express their own needs and wants during the building process, a real estate agent may be able to better articulate or persuade a builder or their representative. Though many builders have an on-site agent who is legally required to provide dual agency, it can be valuable for a buyer’s interests to bring in their own preferred agent.

3. Agents Get Paid to do the Dirty Work

Not only will a buyer’s agent help to advocate a buyer’s interests, it is a real estate agent’s job to help a buyer in other ways, too. Agents can complete a comparative analysis of area homes to make sure a buyer is getting a good price for their new construction. They also can help a buyer select upgrades that will add value to a home.

Buyers can enlist their agents to do more tedious tasks, too, like scouring the contract’s fine print, checking on home warranties or keeping files on builder actions, progress and completion dates.

4. Buyer’s Agents Ensure Balance

Because builders in developments or other areas are often building several houses at once, they may have previously established relationships with professional inspectors. A buyer who is armed with their own agent can help to ensure that they receive a neutral inspection by having their agent insist on an outside inspector. Similarly, when it comes time for the final walk through, a buyer’s agent may be able to help spot a potential problem area that a buyer may not even think to consider.

5. Most Agents Have Worked with… Well, Everyone!

While a buyer may have done their research on a particular builder’s reputation, experienced agents have worked with many professionals, from contractors to inspectors to builders. When it comes to negotiating with a builder on prices, upgrades or other custom requests, an agent may have a little more pull than a buyer. Agents also may help shed some light on a builder’s personality or process, offering insight that a buyer may not be aware of.

When it comes to the process of building a home, many buyers may not even think of enlisting the help of a trusted real estate agent. However, an experienced buyer’s agent may be just the thing they that need to ensure a smooth building process, a happy close and a stress-free move in.

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