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Tony Mete's Client Testimonials

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Tony Mete is a manager that shows support to all the in the office; whether you are visitor, office staff, or agent. His door is always open to lend his professional advise and help when needed. He creates an atmosphere of harmony and team work. His business acumen is heads above as he remains calm, professional in all situations; if he gets mad or upset I never knew. Tony is special in that he takes time to stop by say hello and offer words of encouragement, professionally and personally. I am honored to work in the office he manages. Angela Mize

~ Angela Mize

Working with Tony Mete has been a privilege over the last few years. His wealth of knowledge, experience and always calm demeanor convey an overwhelming sense of control over all situations presented. The ability to instruct his agents, provide true and accurate guidance from his 3 decades of unequaled real estate experience and his dynamic light hearted personality create a level of respect unmatched my most in the industry. Tony is the epitome of what all agents should strive for in this industry. I am fortunate to calm him a friend,co worker, mentor and my manager.

~ Bob Dini

Tony is a top-tier manager. He always has time for all of his agents and he treats us with great respect and I, in turn, greatly respect him. After being an agent for 25 years, I have found that there are still challenges I face, and he has been an extraordinary resource for me in those trying instances. His very positive and open personality makes us smile even in the most stressful situations and helps us achieve the award-winning results we have had this year. Behind that great attitude is a treasure-trove of exellent real estate knowledge and experience. He is truly a masterful manager as well as one fine human being. I am grateful to have him as my manager.

~ JoAnn Robb

I have worked for Tony Mete on and off since 1987, he is a great manager with extensive across the board knowledge of real estate and new construction. I deal with a lot of new construction and Tony has many years under his belt working with developers and builders. He is a wonderful asset to have for questions or problems that may come up. He is very supportive of any endeavor I have taken on and a pleasure to work for.

~ Susie Brunko

Tony Mete makes life as a real estate agent so much more enjoyable, worthwhile, and successful! He is constantly educating, encouraging, and helping us to be the best agents we can be. He is such a positive and professional role model for us, and it is always a pleasure and privilege to know he is there for us! Thanks Tony!

~ Liz Hoyson

I have been a Realtor for 20+ years. Over that time I have worked with several brokers under various market conditions. Tony Mete possess superior real estate knowledge and his ability to communicate clearly that knowledge makes experienced agents and those new to the business at ease with whatever comes alone. This in my mind makes Tony a superior broker. I strongly recommend anyone considering a career in western PA; to begin your carrier with Tony to guide you, and if you are looking or a move to a better office, and support staff, you cannot do better than my broker, Tony Mete.

~ Benny Smith

Tony is generous with his time, patience and business money. He is very supportive of my business. Tony is open to new ideas. He is a class act and a true "gentle" man.

~ Florine Kelly

Everyone has “patience” . . . Successful people learn how to use it. I am the “problem child” who has the perplexing unusual question or situation. Tony is the one who has always come to my rescue with a solution. His patience and guidance is second to none and very much appreciated.

~ Eileen Maleski

"Tony is the 5th manager I've had in my last 33 years in the Berkshire Hathaway office. Previously it was Prudential Preferred Realty, Merrill Lynch Realty, Hammill-Quinlin Realty. He is certainly at the top of my list. He listens well and prepares for a good Monday morning meeting. Any problems we have are generally resolved in his office. He is generous of his time and resources. We never want to see him leave!"

~ Terry Abbott

have gained so much knowledge since Tony became my manager. He is always available to take the time when I have a question or situation. His knowledge is superior when it comes to real estate. I am totally comfortably with his recommendations. I think he is a top notch manager and am so happy to have him at Mt. Lebanon Regional.

~ LuAnn Stewart

We are pleased to have Tony Mete as our manager at the Mt. Lebanon regional office of BHHS the Preferred Realty. Tony has provided invaluable guidance while he has been here, and his knowledge of the industry is hard to beat. Furthermore, Tony always has time to discuss whatever's on your mind and his approach to addressing challenging issues is usually spot on! He's a good leader and a team player.

~ Brian Cummings

Tony is a person with great personality, very caring, great person to talk to, and funny I think if this doesn't qualify you to be a great Manager nothing will. I know Tony helps you if you need anything from a phone call, to go to a house of a client to get the signatures to close on a deal. There are so many things that I can say about Tony all of them good, but one of the most important things are, that he is a sharp dresser and he has a great smile that just makes you feel good. Hurray! for Tony, Oh! one more reason to like him is that he shares his birthday with my darling husband.

~ Elva Marottta

Having him as a Manager, after the previous two has made a difference in the office. He doesn't have favorites and displays no impatience with agents regardless of some of the inane problems that arise. He has continued to improve our working conditions by always adding supplies to the computer room. He does not get in your face and is always available to discuss situations that maybe a cause for concern. He doesn't solve your problems but is a great listener and mediator, and a good mentor. His calm manner is a major factor for my continuing in this business. Frank

~ Frank Conroy