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Jackie Smith and Julie Mikus Team Client Testimonials

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"Buying? Selling? Want an amazing person to help you? Julie Mikus is 1000% the person to call. In the last year I've found few people who show up and follow through with homes / real estate - - - and she does in spades."

~ Brooke

"If anyone is planning to make a move in the Pittsburgh area, I am about to give you the best tip ever. Call my friend, Julie! Honest, smart, caring, and hardworking. You will thank me."

~ Beverly

"Julie Mikus is one of those people from both a personal and professional level that you will not soon forget. Her compassion, honesty, and integrity are evident in everything she does."

~ Jackie

"Julie is a visionary who is not afraid to dream big, who has the organizational savvy and people skills to rally support for a cause and has the business and logistical acumen to make those big, hairy, audacious dreams into realities."

~ Andrew

"Her passion for what she does is fierce and genuine...She believes in purpose and her attitude and passion for caring out others are infectious."

~ Melissa H.

"Julie has a very big heart and shows compassion...She is very well organized...and does a great job reaching out and keeping communication open. She has a heart of gold that reflects and shines on everyone."

~ Randi

"Julie has demonstrated excellent leadership skills...she is a visionary who recognizes needs within the community does whatever it takes to meet those needs. She is personable and empathetic with great interpersonal skills, resulting in everyone feeling valued in a collaborative environment. Julie is efficient and conscientious adhering to the highest standards of any task that she undertakes, whether self-initiated or set forth by her organization. In all of my interactions with Julie, I have found her to be an outstanding, articulate professional who is always willing to put in as much effort as needed to get the job done and done well."

~ Dr. Amy F.

"Julie is always professional, caring, outgoing and a good representative of values. I highly recommend Julie. She succeeds on every level."

~ GiGi H.

"Julie is one of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She is committed to everything she does, driven, motivated, genuine and real. Her leadership skills and ability to network, problem solve and help others are unmatched!"

~ Lisa