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Glenn Mercer


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Building Bridges... A Story of Rebirth

My journey from the structured world of mechanical engineering to the dynamic realm of real estate is a tale of rediscovery – a rebirth not in career alone, but in purpose and passion. As an engineer and manager, my days were filled with technical challenges and team leadership, but a crucial element was missing – a deeper, more personal connection with the people I served.

This gap began to close when I stepped into the real estate industry, initially to support my wife's flourishing career.  In the process, I found a profound kinship with this new world. Here, my engineering skills – analyzing risks, identifying property nuances – weren't just about technical precision; they became tools to safeguard clients' dreams.  My managerial experience transformed from leading teams to guiding families and individuals on their journey to find a home.

In real estate, my drive is fueled by the stories and aspirations of each client. Understanding their needs, visualizing their future in a new space, and guiding them through one of their most significant life decisions is not just a profession; it's a privilege. This is where my heart lies – in turning the transactional nature of real estate into a journey of human connection and mutual growth.

My 'why' is deeply rooted in the joy of seeing families thrive in their new homes, knowing I played a part in their journey. It's about being more than a realtor; it's about being a partner in realizing aspirations. Every interaction, every piece of advice, every moment spent in understanding my clients' needs is an opportunity to make a positive impact.

In this rebirth, I've found that true success in real estate is not measured by sales but by the smiles of satisfied clients, the warmth of a thank you, and the trust they place in me. As we navigate the path to your perfect home, remember that your story, your dreams, are at the heart of everything I do.

Fun Facts:

  • Real estate salesperson since 2018
  • Keen attention to detail; likes to educate clients on budgeting for upgrades and repairs
  • Powerful negotiator; formally trained in many facets of negotiation
  • Married to Melissa Shipley, team lead for Sold by Shipley
  • Enjoys helping clients at all experience levels, form first time home buyers to seasoned investors
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State
  • Murrysville Resident
  • Loves music; plays guitar and saxophone
  • Has a daughter and a puggle
  • Full-Time Agent