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Before we meet in person, let me tell you a little about myself. I’ve lived in the Pittsburgh suburbs my entire life. I love to serve the members of my community. In high school, I started a small landscaping outfit. As a result of working every day after school and all summer long for a few years, the business grew to serve nearly 100 properties in the greater Pittsburgh area. Words cannot explain how proud I was to be a young entrepreneur who was able to help people that were not able to care for their homes like they once did. After a few years of running the landscaping business full time, I came to face a dilemma. While I was thrilled that my business was growing, I found that I no longer had enough time to give my customers the experience that my business had begun with. I enjoyed chatting with them after their lawn had been mowed and doing extra little things around their house such as changing their smoke detector batteries. I came to realize that I enjoyed helping people with their houses and I loved making them happy. Therefore, I downsized my landscaping business and decided to pursue a career in real estate.  Life is all about transitions and new beginnings, which is one of the main reasons people seek out a real estate agent. Whether you have made the decision to buy your first home, fill a new home with your growing family, relocate due to an exciting career change, or maybe you’re ready to enjoy your retirement in a home with less maintenance, I am excited to make your plans come to fruition. If you are ready to work with a high octane, knowledgeable, and trustworthy real estate agent, please do not hesitate to call, text, or email me any time!