Kim Murray

Kim Murray


Hampton Office

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Sellers and Buyers Agent
Member of National Association of Realtors
Member of Pennsylvania Association of Realtors
Member of Realtors Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh
Real Estate Marketing Specialist
Real Estate Master Accredited

    I have been in the service industry for a majority of my life.  I pride myself on a strong work ethic and put my all into every career path I have pursued.  I am excited about all that I am learning and want to help others find their dream home, list their home or pursue their investment goals!

I am a wife and a mother of a blended family of talented children and many energy filled grand-children.
I have a brother who is a veteran of the Army National Guard and another brother, who is a friend to all and loves to sing and dance.
I'm the daughter of a steel worker and business owner; and a former dancer, turned housewife and mother.

I am a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a B. S. degree in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude.

Proud member of C. S. Kim karate and the Tang Soo Do Federation 

I have also followed career paths including:

  • Assessor for Office of Developmental Programs performing assessments for individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • Therapeutic Staff Support helping individuals and their families follow behavioral support plans
  • Manager of a local interior landscape firm
  • Executive Tupperware manager-National Top Recruiting Manager
  • Caretaker for family members

In addition, I have also volunteered as a Girl Scout leader, a Sunday and Bible School teacher, as well as being a participant in mission trips.

My Certifications

  • Preferred Masters Accreditation