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Bonnie McClaine's Client Testimonials

Bonnie is the absolute best. She worked with us on everything. We never felt pressured to go to the higher end of our budget - which had a large gap between lowest and highest cut offs. She treated even the lowest priced houses with the same care and respect as the high ones. When we finally found our home - she negotiated 6% off the asking price. This was even more impressive considering it was in Feb 2020. We love our house we found after 3 months of living here and wouldn’t trade it for any other home.

~ Blair H

Bonnie was very good to my wife and I. Bonnie was extremely responsive and helped us whenever we needed help. She provided us with all the information we needed to complete our search for a home

~ Rwz79

We asked her to look into a lease/purchase option and instantly replied saying it was impossible without 80,000 + before even starting a lease. I told her that was not possible but would be willing to negotiate something If we could find a middle road. I sent her our thoughts and she said she would ask the owner. After that roughly 4 days had best without a follow up or updates. The next day another agent we worked with before on a possible lease/purchase very professionally reached out to see how our search was going and if we needed any assistance. I told her we haven’t heard anything and she checked into it. Hours later she came back with a response from Bonnie. At that point we still didn’t hear anything Bonnie. I’m sure after hearing that we were upset she decided to email us with with the owner can’t explore the option without a large amount down. She knew this and never even replied or communicated this I’m sure because it wasn’t what she wanted for a property she had listed. Nothing else was even said or even other options that she might have that we could look at at. I guess she has so much business that a lease/purchase option would be to much work for her and take away from immediate funds from a sale that she would still get in roughly 15 months. She looks to line her wallet with cash and doesn’t care about customer service at all. I would not suggest using her at this point but will update this if anything changes in the future.

~ shadlheim

Met Bonnie last Monday while looking at a property which was listed as being open to lease or purchase options (this was evenly clearly stated on a large sign on the business door). We put in a lease offer and Bonnie told us the owner is not considering any lease options. We asked her to still pass along the offer, which she promised to do. A week later we had not heard anything and had to contact another agent to find out the offer was supposedly declined. Would have been nice to hear directly but we found out the agent wouldn’t make as much of a commission and therefore our offer probably did not get passed on. We will remember this when we are ready to purchase and will work with a different realtor.

~ troyterwilliger

Bonnie is great at her job and really works hard to do a wonderful job everytime. I absolutely recommend her.

~ N.L.G.

Everything! We are involved with a number of " interesting and at times unusual" real estate ventures and we see Bonnie as a vendor partner. She is fantastic, experienced and very professional in all things! After utilizing many, many, many other realtors and agencies, we plan on continuing to use Bonnie for all our realty needs because of her service leadership and who she is!

~ David Stadler

Bonnie listened to us and helped us keep to our desires and not get over anxious. When we found our house she was tenacious to get the deal done.

~ W.H.

Bonnie was very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. She knows the business very well. She was able to answer any questions that I had. She is a great person to work with. I highly recommend her.

~ P.F.

She was very patient and very committed to making sure we found the right home and it was in our budget and neighborhood we wanted.

~ R.M.

Bonnie did good research on what had sold in my area and the selling price. She was able to recommend a good cleaning service that I could use. She helped me clean out the house after I moved. She really went beyond what she needed to do.

~ J.M.

We appreciated that Bonnie was always available to us, and she kept us informed through every step of the process. She was always professional and pleasant, and we felt she was working for our success.

~ W.P.

Bonnie gave us prompt professional service in all respects when we sold our house.

~ C.F.

Bonnie is very sincere and truly wants to help you find the perfect house. She was very knowledgeable and made everything from bidding on the house to closing on the house as stress free as possible.

~ D.G.

All questions were answered and the buying process seemed very smooth thanks to Bonnie, and Northwood Realty.

~ C.M.

Bonnie did a great job beginning to end. She was always available to show and reshow houses with almost no advance warning. No snags at closing. It was a great buying experience.

~ S.N.

Bonnie was so knowledgable about everything. It was so nice not to have to worry about anything. She really knew a lot about the ins and outs of selling our house. She always got back to us on a timely basis and was very punctual when we met for any reason. It was the first time we ever sold a house and would have been lost without her.

~ Dale Green

Easy to deal with and they went out of their way to help us accomplish our home buying goal

~ R.L.M.J.

Bonnie was so patient with us in our search for a house and always accommodating from all of our house viewings and price negotiations all through to the closing

~ J.C.

Very knowledgeable about comparable properties in the area, does "the homework" and knows the paper work in and out. She empathizes very well with buyers and sellers, and really knows how tough it can be to find the right home, getting the loan, and getting through the process of selling your old one. We loved working with Bonnie.

~ M Nicole Morrow