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Elaine Petrakis


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Don't call it a Dream - Call it a Plan! Let's make it happen

I choose Real Estate because I love working with and helping people.  I have helped people all my life and I really am looking forward to this part of my life. I also love the flexibility of the working hours and my new workplace and colleagues.  The Berkshire Hathaway Family is so welcoming and helpful. 
Why work with me?  I have great communication and negotiation skills to help you in your home buying/selling process.  I also have good problem solving skills.

I am also a Professional Photographer of almost 30 years.  This is a big bonus to my clients because they will have professional photos and videos of their home.  
When I am not Selling Real Estate or Photographing people or houses, I enjoy Quilting.  All my life I have had a sewing machine, and quilting caught my attention and I was hooked.  You can be so creative and use so many art resources.  Plus my family reaps the rewards with the Quilts.
I also enjoy painting and other art medias.  I am a great Baker and cook.  I enjoy making homemade desserts, breads and pastries.  One of my specialties is Angel Food Cake from scratch.
Travel is a big part of my life the past couple years, I have enjoyed traveling to Europe and US.  I have many great photos of all the wonderful places I visited.  With family in Italy and Greece, it is like going home.
I also enjoy taking photos at the Zoo and Phipps conservatory.  It is so relaxing for me and I get great photos in return.  Every time I go I see different and interesting things.
Reading is another great past time for me.  Suspense novels from Lee Child, and James Patterson catch my attention. 
I am looking forward to meeting and helping you with the new important decisions in your life.

My Certifications

  • Leading RE Marketing Specialist