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Your Start to Home Staging: Five Cheap and Easy Staging Tricks!

Your Start to Home Staging: Five Cheap and Easy Staging Tricks!

Selling a home in a short amount of time with little to no hiccups is every seller’s dream, right? Unfortunately, it is not every seller’s reality; however, there are a few tips and tricks that may help a home to sell a bit faster, no matter what market conditions may be.

One of the best ways to give a home a boost when it is on the market is through staging or preparing a home for sale by making it appealing to as many buyers as possible. You’ve probably heard of home staging before, but may also have heard that hiring a professional to come in and stage a home can be expensive.

As it turns out, we all may have a little professional home stager in us! Here are a few cheap and simple tricks to staging your home when it is time to sell:

1. Show Buyers that What’s Out Front Counts

Curb appeal is another term often used when talking about real estate, because the first thing a buyer sees about your home is what’s out front! This is your first opportunity to impress prospective buyers, so you’ve got to make the most of it. When your home is for sale, routinely mow the lawn and trim the weeds. Keep sidewalks swept and make the entire walk to the front door and eye-pleasing experience by adding a crisp new welcome mat and some seasonal plants or flowers. Remember, it may take a buyer’s agent a few moments to get your front door open for prospective buyers. Make sure they like what they see before they even come inside.


2. Envision their Entertaining Environment

Don’t even allow your prospective buyers to imagine what it might be like to entertain guests in your home… show them! Set your dining room table with some decorative napkins and an attractive centerpiece. If you’ve got an eat-in kitchen, show them how cozy their daily meals may be by arranging the table with some colorful coffee mugs and coordinating place settings. Top off their view with some freshly baked cookies or brownies. And, yes, welcome your prospective buyers to take a bite as they tour through your home.


3. Make the Most of Your Home Storage

When you’re ready to sell your home, cleaning out your closets may not be the task that you’re most looking forward to; but, it actually could help your home to sell faster. Prospective buyers LOVE to see storage space… and, lots of it. So, the cleaner your nooks and crannies are, the better! Plus, if you clean out your closets before you begin packing, you’ll only make the task easier on yourself when it actually is time to move out. This clean-up task includes bathroom cabinets and drawers and kitchen pantries, too!


4. Don’t Take it (or Make it) Too Personal

If your usual home décor consists of many photos of your family and friends, consider replacing those images with inexpensive artwork. It may not seem like a staging tactic, but depersonalizing your home could do a lot to persuade a potential buyer. Even better than well-placed artwork? Mirrors! They have the power to add light where none existed! So, not only can you make your home look more decorated by adding a few mirrors, you also can make it look bigger. Talk about a win-win!

5. Cover Any Mistakes with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Bold color choices from the past still haunting you today? Before you move and even before you show your home, spend the minimal amount of money it may cost to neutralize the colors in your home. Though it may have seemed like an awesome idea to paint your guest room canary yellow when you did it, your prospective buyers deserve to determine their own color palette for their new home. Additionally, adjoining two small rooms with the same paint color can create a visually-appealing and overall more attractive, larger-looking space!

Though you may have heard that home staging can be an expensive way to make your home sell faster, some common sense changes can go a long way in attracting the right buyer to your home. Before investing another down payment on staging your home for prospective buyers, find out what these few small, inexpensive changes can do for you!