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Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Up Your Home in No Time!

Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Up Your Home in No Time!

Now that we’re all over the initial joy that we felt when the calendar finally reached the first day of spring, it is time to get down to the often dirty business of spring cleaning our homes. Yes, this annual cleaning event can be a daunting task, but the fresh rewards you reap afterward are well worth the effort.

In an attempt to make this year’s spring cleaning tasks just a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list for cleaning your home from top to bottom and inside and out. You’ll see some must dos, some should dos and some tips and tricks to get those spring cleaning jobs done efficiently and effectively.

Arm Yourself

When you’re looking to do a cleaning job right, who is better to turn to than Martha Stewart? To help you get things started, Stewart suggests using an old kitchen apron to arm yourself with supplies. If you’ve got an old apron just laying around, instead of tossing it directly in the trash, toss your spring cleaning supplies directly in it! If you’re feeling particularly crafty, or if your apron has no pockets, you can create additional storage compartments by sewing up the bottom into pockets.

Take it from the Top

Now that you’re armed and most certainly a dangerous threat to dirt and grime, look up! We’ve already sprung our clocks forward, but spring is actually the time to put your ceiling fans into backward or counterclockwise motion. While you’re at it, make sure to dust off your ceiling fan blades, too. They’ve surely collected dust throughout winter. You can use a damp cloth or even a pillowcase to catch any dust that may fall.

You’re already starting off on a high note; so, since you’re up there, make sure to take that damp cloth to your light fixtures as well. Spring will do so much to naturally lighten up your home, but personally polishing your lights should do the rest! While you’re reaching new heights, spring is also a great time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Work Your Way Down

While you’re working your way down, be sure to wipe off your walls, all the way from the ceiling to your blinds to your baseboards. For this task, you can use several tools, including wash cloths, sponges or even a mop for hard to reach places. A simple dish soap and water mixture will remove grime and leave your home smelling fresh.

Because, even for a professional, it is nearly impossible not to shake down a little dirt and dust when you’re cleaning your ceiling fans and lights, the floors and furniture should be next on your spring cleaning to-do list. For this job, it may be helpful to bring in a professional or at least rent a carpet cleaner from your local hardware store. Since Mother Nature typically cooperates with spring cleaning rituals, opening up your windows may help your carpets and upholstery dry a little faster.

When it comes to hardwoods, tile or vinyl flooring, it is important to remember to remove loose dirt and dust before you add water into the mix. Otherwise, you will make your already rough spring cleaning job even harder! Once loose debris is removed, you may be surprised to see what a sparkling difference just a dose of warm water and a cloth can do to make your floors shine.

Get Intimate with It

On the surface, it may seem like you’ve cleaned every nook and cranny of your home. Now it’s time to start opening up some doors and we’re talking about refrigerators and closets! If you already have a routine ritual for cleaning out your refrigerator, good for you! If you don’t, spring is the time to de-ice your freezer and toss away old, expired food that has been lingering longer than this year’s winter weather. While you’re tossing things away, be sure to wipe down refrigerator walls and shelves, too.

Now to your closets, where you can actually consider spring cleaning to be a little bit of “me time” and you may actually enjoy it! As you pack away your winter clothes, make a special pile for things you no longer wear and either sell or donate them. If you do, you can be sure you won’t have to “not wear them again” next year. As the saying goes, “out with the old, so you have room for the new” (or something similar to that). If you organize your closet by color or by the order that you typically get dressed, you may find that your mornings go a little smoother, too.

Enjoy Some Fresh Air

Now that you’ve prepped the inside of your home to welcome the world back in this spring, make sure that your doormat is up to the challenge, too. Whether it is time to splurge on a more springy mat or just shake or broom off your current one, remember that your front door is the gateway to your freshly-cleaned home. Wow your spring guests before they ever take a step inside!