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Your marketing efforts aren't working. Now what?

Your marketing efforts aren't working. Now what?

Whether you are a veteran agent with loads of experience, or  a newly licensed agent in the first year of creating a business, marketing yourself is one of the pillars of a career in real estate.

And if you have been advised well, you have a marketing plan that you filled out with a business coach or manager, and have been following it since the new year.

For some, however, the results are slim and the plan needs to be redone. The best advice is don't wait! Redo your plan now, and you might just stave off a marketing disaster. Here are some points:

Re-Define Success -- Sometimes the best thing you can do is analyze what it is to be successful. For instance, are your goals unrealistic? Has the market changed and therefore effected your business? Regardless, your efforts must be a pliable as the world in which you work. 


Know when to scrap an idea, no matter how much you've spent on it -- There is nothing more heartbreaking than spending a ton of money on an idea only to see it fail in one way or another. But sometimes the best thing you can do is switch gears and abandon the project. The simple fact is not everything works. You must be honest with yourself regardless of price tag. Besides, often times you will find that the next path is the one that bears fruit.


Keep it simple -- Stop trying to be brilliant. By keeping your marketing focused and simple you might find that the message will be more effective. Yes, there are people out there that do all this crazy marketing, trying to go viral with a song and dance, but remember what we are doing: we are marketing houses. The quality of your content is what matters, not your witty memes.