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You Can Work It! How to Turn Any Space into a Home Office that Inspires!

You Can Work It! How to Turn Any Space into a Home Office that Inspires!

Today, there are many people who are able to enjoy working from home. Whether they’re running their own business, catching up on work they’ve taken home from the office or simply paying monthly bills, it is becoming more and more necessary for today’s buyers to include a home office on their home-buying wish list.

Although every home on the market may not be seem readily equipped with a room that easily converts into a home office, every home certainly has the potential for a space that will cultivate creativity and productivity, even despite everyday distractions like TV, housework and, for many, children.

Do you work from home and wish that you had a place that combatted those daily distractions, inspired your creativity and maximized your productivity? We’ve locked ourselves in our own offices to come up with a few tips for creating your perfect home office space, no matter what size of home you have.

First of all, setting up a productive home office is all about selecting the right location. Obviously, an extra room is ideal, but a rarely-used guest room or even a smaller nook in another larger room will work nicely. When you’re trying to decide where your home’s best spot may be, consider your needs. If your normal work day consists of meeting with clients, extra space (and seating) is a must. If most of your work is done online, minimal space may be required.

Once you’ve got the physical location of your home office down, it’s time to consider your surroundings. The last thing you want to do is stuff yourself in a corner. Though you may think that staring at a wall is the perfect way to avoid distractions, it is not likely to inspire your creativity. Give yourself some sort of view, whether it is a window, a favorite painting or a photo of some of your biggest inspirations… your family and friends.

Although you’ve now turned yourself from staring at only blank walls, it is time to consider their color, too. Remember, when you’re working from home, standard office beige does not need to be your color choice. Creating a productive home office is all about your inspirations, so if bold and bright colors give you a spark, consider a bold and bright color in your home office. If you prefer neutral colors, that’s OK, too. Your home office should reflect your tastes. Show off your chosen wall colors by making sure your home office is equipped with more than enough light. A dark space will strain your eyes and hamper your motivation.

Speaking of your tastes, we cannot stress the “home” in home office enough. It is only natural to want your office furniture and other décor to complement the rest of your home. Frankly, if it didn’t, the only thing it may inspire you to do would be to change it. Find a desk that’s large enough to suit your needs, but blends seamlessly into your décor. When it comes to your chair, don’t sacrifice comfort for style. Find a comfortable chair, then add some fabric to give it the at-home touch it may need.

Now, that you’ve got most of the aesthetics down, consider those necessary office supplies. Depending on your line of work, a simple laptop may do, but it’s likely that your office supply list includes everything from a printer and copier to files, notepads, pens, business cards… well, you get the picture. So, what to do with all those must-haves? There may be nothing more uninspiring than a tangled mess of cords; nonetheless, they’re crucial to providing power to your work day. Keep them organized from the get-go, so you spend less time detangling and more time being productive. As for those stacks of files that seem to be multiplying all over the place, add an attractive filing cabinet or book shelf. Yes, you can decoratively hide your office clutter!

With just a little preparation and a lot of personality, your creative home office will be complete in no time. Now, grab a cup of coffee and get back to cleaning out that inbox.