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Yard Games For Your Fourth Of July Party

Yard Games For Your Fourth Of July Party

Are you ready to red, white and lose? Gather your friends and family for your most competitive Fourth of July backyard party yet. We curated a list of the best backyard games that will be sure to entertain your party guests for hours. Don’t worry the fun doesn’t stop after this weekend, these high quality games will be sure to last all summer long!


Kan Jam

Kan Jam or “Garbage Can Frisbee” is perfect for outdoor play. It's lighthearted, fun and as competitive as you want it to be. The main focus of the Kan Jam game is for the players of the playing teams to score more points than their opponents. They can achieve this by strategically tossing, hitting, diverting and stuffing the flying disc into the goal. 21 points wins, or go pro and slot the flying disc for an INSTANT WIN! 


Kan Jam is perfect for the backyard, beach, park or a tailgate. Purchase Kan Jam here



Time to get your body moving! The object of Spikeball is to hit the ball into the net so that the opposing team cannot return it. A team is allowed up to three touches to return the ball. The rally continues until the ball is not returned properly.


Spikeball is a fun, active and competitive outdoor/indoor sports game played on college campuses, tailgates, the lawn, yard, backyard, beach or gym with rules similar to volleyball. Purchase Spikeball here



Can’t go wrong with a classic! Cornhole is a lawn game in which players take turns throwing bean bags at a raised board with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores three points, while one on the board scores one point. Play continues until a team or player reaches or exceeds the score of 21 by means of cancellation scoring. If your family is competitive, cornhole will be the life of the party!


Purchase Cornhole here


Ladder Toss/Golf

Ladder Toss is a must-have party game for both kids and adults. It provides tons of fun for family and friends at camps, beach games, barbecues, tailgates, holiday weekends, parties, weddings, family reunions and more!


Ladder Toss is played with 2 or more players or teams. Each player has 3 golf ball bolas. A bola is 2 golf balls attached by a nylon rope. The object of the game is to wrap your bolas around the steps of the ladder. The ladder consists of 3 steps, a top, middle and a bottom step.


Purchase Ladder Toss here



PutterBall is about to be your new favorite game! The PutterBall backyard golf game is the perfect party game for every scenario, and it’s perfect for those who have never played golf or claim not to enjoy it. The rules of Putterball are reminiscent of a standard game of beer pong — the objective is to make all six cups (holes) before the opposing team. 


If you want to add a little more excitement to the party, look no further than PutterBall! It’s a fun and addictive game for all ages. Purchase PutterBall here.


Bottle Bash

Bottle Bash is a fun, unique and competitive outdoor game that is designed to be played anywhere by anyone! Bottle Bash, also known as Poleish/Polish Horseshoes, Frisknock, Flimsee or Beersbee is ideal for backyard fun. The name may change, but the rules stay the same. 


The rules are simple, throw the frisbee at your opponents’ bottle and/or pole to score points. The defending team tries to catch the frisbee and bottle before they hit the ground. 


Sounds fun right? Purchase Bottle Bash here


Giant Jenga

My guess is you’ve probably played a game of Jenga at some point in your life, but have you ever played GIANT Jenga? Giant Jenga follows the same rules you’ve grown up playing; the only difference is the overall height of the blocks. Starting at about two feet high at setup, Giant Jenga can stack over five feet in play. 


The Jenga game requires physical and mental skill. Players take turns to remove a block from the tower and balance it on top, creating a taller and increasingly unstable structure as the game progresses. Be careful when the tower of blocks finally falls!


Purchase Giant Jenga here


If you are looking for ways to liven up your Fourth of July party, then look no further. These backyard games are sure to put smiles on your guests’ faces. Which game are you excited to play?