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Your Demeanor by Design! What Your Home Decor Says About You

Your Demeanor by Design! What Your Home Decor Says About You

With spring officially in season, many homeowners may be eager to get home renovations and redecorating efforts underway. Of course, many may go the trendy route when it comes to revamping their home’s look. But, did you ever stop to consider that the design choices you make for your home actually say a lot about you?

It’s true. Similar to your wardrobe choices, your home décor also reflects your personality. From your preferences in paint to your love for an open layout, each piece of your home may tell a bit about a specific part of you!

Here is what just a few décor decisions may mean about your personality:

1. Your taste in décor may divulge your political preferences.

Believe it or not, even if you attempt to keep your political views out of your dinner conversation, your home décor may be giving them away! It has been said that those who go for neat, conventional décor typically have conservative political views. On the opposite end of that spectrum, those with more liberal views often have homes that are filled with bright colors mixed into their décor.

2. Your front door isn’t putting up any fronts.

When it comes to your home décor describing your personality, even the color you choose for your front door makes a statement. Choosing a bright red may show off your bold nature, while a subdued black color may reveal a reserved characteristic and even a penchant for consistency. The color coincidences don’t stop there, either. Neutral colors point to a person who prefers to take the middle ground in most cases. Not too surprisingly, optimistic people tend to go for bright, sunny colors, while laid back people often turn to cool blues and greens when decorating their homes.  

3. You can tell a lot about a person from their home’s layout.

These days, it may seem like many buyers are looking for an open floor plan. According to some personality studies, this may indicate that there are a lot of extroverts out there! Why? Spacious layouts are great for hosting and entertaining! On the other hand, a home with little sitting room points to a person who enjoys their solitude.

4. Even your throw pillows have a personal story to tell.

If you like to keep an abundant supply of throws and throw pillows around your home, it may not be just because you have a hard time turning down a good deal at your local HomeGoods store! In fact, these warm and cozy features suggest your very own warm and cozy nature. You likely love welcoming guests to your home and want to make sure they always feel comfortable.

5. Your clutter (or lack thereof) just does not stutter when it comes to personality type.

OK, if this is not you, then you’ve surely got that one friend who always keeps their house in meticulous condition. Somehow, despite the fact that he or she has got two children and a dog, the house is always spotless and has the perfect place for everything. Every. Single. Thing. You probably are not surprised to find out that this little décor detail indicates a Type A personality. However, you may get a small surprise by peering into this person’s closet or under their bed. Almost everyone has a got a mess somewhere and these areas are places where most people feel they shouldn’t spend their precious time organizing – even Type A people!  

If home renovations or redecorating are on your horizon this spring, be cognizant of your design decisions. Everything from your front door to your bathroom décor may be revealing your true colors – in more ways than one!