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What Makes a Strong Real Estate Leader and Why It Matters

What Makes a Strong Real Estate Leader and Why It Matters


By Darrin Friedman

For most real estate agents out there, having a strong manager is crucial to their success. After all, many would suggest that it is this relationship which most determines the day-to-day advancement of an agent's business and career.

But what are the factors that the typical agent should look for when considering this kind of partnership? What attributes should manager candidates exhibit to encourage you choose them as your leader?

Here are some examples of true leadership abilities that some of the best managers demonstrate:

1. The willingness to truly listen — Some of the best leaders I know are not the big talkers, but the ones who show that they are effective listeners, giving agents not only a safe place to vent, but the time to express why they are upset about a particular situation. The best leaders I know listen carefully and really think about the situation before they offer their advice. It is in those active listening moments that trust is gained and relationships are built.

2. The ability to keep everyone focused — Leadership is about helping people stay focused on the task at hand, and the best leaders I know have done this consistently over long periods of time. Regardless of the time of the year or the particulars of the market, the best leaders keep their team honed in on the activities that best support positive movement. In other words, leaders keep their associates focused on doing work that will give them the greatest “ROI” or return on investment.

3. The willingness to never stop teaching — The best leaders never stop coaching and teaching. They have vast knowledge of how the industry works, and they share it. Easily and often. It is through positive and focused engagement that they enhance their workforce.

4. The ability to motivate — There is nothing quite like a strong motivator. Most great leaders are, and they have usually developed this wonderful skill over time, making them able to strike exactly the right tone at the right moment to inspire their listener. If you have found this in your leader, then you are lucky, and you should stick with them! They will always be able to lift you up, no matter the occasion. That's a quality that is priceless.