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Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Flu Season

Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Flu Season

You might have noticed that subtly longer days and milder temperatures have been creeping back onto the scene lately. It’s true—spring is on the horizon. But, we’re not in the clear just yet. In fact, in addition to those days of sunshine and fresh air we’ve been treated to recently, many of us also have been battling the end-of-season cold and flu germs.


Once germs infest your home, they typically take a turn with each member of your family. To get your crew through to spring’s fresh air, here are seven ways to keep your home safe from germs: 


Start Spring Cleaning Early

Home cleaning tasks like vacuuming and dusting are easy to remember on a weekly basis. However, did you know that regularly wiping down your blinds and ceiling fans can help to prevent germs from finding a resting place in your home? Instead of saving these tasks for spring cleaning, tackle them before the warmer season arrives.  


Clean Surfaces

Wipe down surfaces with a clean, disposable paper towel instead of a sponge, and then throw out the towel. Pay special attention to bedside tables, bathroom counters, faucet handles, and kitchen counters.  Wiping down your cell phone with an alcohol-based glass wipe is also a great idea to eliminate the spread of germs!  


Use a Humidifier 

The dry indoor air this winter certainly does not help when you get a cold.  Having a humidifier in your house, especially when you sleep can stop the spread of germs and even shorten the life of your cold. 


Routinely Change Your Bedding

Clothes, towels and bedding – and yes, those favorite stuffed animals – can be a key culprit in spreading infectious germs and flu.  Make sure in addition to sheets and bedding to wash any stuffed animals or blankets that may hold germs. Wash items in the hottest water safe for the fabric and use color-safe bleach to wipe out germs. When handling dirty laundry, carry items in a basket instead of hugging potentially contaminated clothes to your chest. Pour the items directly into the machine if possible and wash your hands when you are done. Changing sheets weekly and washing toys monthly will really help cut down on those germs! 


Wash Backpacks and Lunchboxes

Backpacks and lunchboxes that your kids bring home from school can house a lot of germs!  Schools do everything they can to keep classrooms and shared areas clean and disinfected—but with so many kids in the same places for hours each day, germs are bound to breed.  When your kids get home from school, wipe out their lunch boxes and backpacks with disinfectant and throw them on the wash once a month!


Wash Your Hands

It’s advice that probably has come from every parent out there. Routinely wash your hands to prevent them from collecting and spreading any germs throughout your home. The advice is no different during the cold and flu season. Step up hand-washing efforts around your home to help keep germs out.


A healthy home doesn't need to be completely germ-free.  But by taking common-sense precautions to keep your hands and surfaces free of germs you can help prevent ending this winter with a round of the flu!