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Want Instant Curb Appeal?  Get in the Garden… and Fast!

Want Instant Curb Appeal? Get in the Garden… and Fast!

If this winter’s weather kept you cooped up inside and you feel like you’ve neglected your usual spring planting routine, you’re not alone.  Look at it this way – the inside of your house is spotless and there is still more than enough time to catch up on the pruning you’ve missed.

But, where do you start?

Well, you’ve got to assess the damage that winter’s done.  There are more than likely tree limbs littered through your yard; and, while your dog thinks they’re his toys, they’ve got to go.  If you have a fence or stoned pathways as part of your permanent outdoor décor, check to make sure Mother Nature’s hot-and-cold temperament didn’t cause any cracks or other damage.  If you do have damage that’s beyond repair, consider permeable pavers.  They look great and help reduce runoff.

Your yard is not the only place where you need to clean up winter’s mess.  Give your existing trees and shrubs a chance to bloom by pruning off any dead or damaged branches.  It’s dirty work, but your reward will come when you see new life blooming.
Now that you’ve got things shaped up a bit, don’t be afraid to add something new!  Trees and shrubs may spruce up and add value to your property, plus the shade they provide could help you save on your energy bills.  It’s OK to add flowers now, too.

Cool-season annuals, like pansies, poppy and sweet alyssum can withstand some frost; so, they’ll make it, even on chilly spring mornings.  If you want instant color, bulbs are the way to go.  Remember, the more you plant, the less you have to mow!
But, let’s be honest, it’s hard for anything to “make it,” when weeds are ruling your garden.  Think of early weeding this way; if you pull them now, you’ll have less weeding work to do later in the season.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, there are some vegetables that can get a good head start now, too.  Take potatoes, for instance.  Besides, we all know organic is “in,” and home gardens are hip now, too!  Don’t be afraid to use your pent-up, cabin-fever energy to get ahead.

Here’s another tip for the gardener that has an abundance of time on his or her hands – record what you’re doing.  If you find something that works well, or a plant or flower that you’re particularly fond of, make sure you don’t forget it!

If this seems like a lot, be patient.  Just like the weather took a while to come around, your garden may take need a little extra TLC this year, too.  But, your property, energy bills and curb appeal will all thank you in time!