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Tips for Writing an Offer Letter That No Seller Can Refuse

Tips for Writing an Offer Letter That No Seller Can Refuse

For so many sellers and buyers, completing a real estate transaction is an extremely emotional process. And, for good reason, right? When you’re selling a home that you’ve made memories in, it is only natural that you’ll feel a personal connection to it. When you’re looking to buy a home that you’re planning to make memories in, you’re certainly hoping to find that same personal connection.

So, after the days, weeks or months it may take a buyer to find the right home, what can they do to stand out from other buyers who are vying for the same home? Well, there is the financial aspect of submitting an offer. Certainly, offering the most for a home is one way to entice a seller into accepting your offer. However, in a sea of similar financial offers, there is another way to make sure you stand out.

One great way to show a seller that you’re the right buyer is by writing an offer letter, a personal note that expresses why you want to buy a particular home. But, you cannot simply say that you’re interested in a home. You’ve got to make your offer strike a chord with the sellers. In a highly competitive market, your offer letter has got to be memorable. How can you make sure that it is?

Here are three top tips for writing an offer letter that will make you stand out to a seller:

1. Give them (and their home) a compliment. First and foremost, tell the seller what it is that you love about their home. They know there are other homes on the market. What is it that has made their home “the one” for you? If it was the incredible décor, tell them. (But don’t expect them to leave that behind for you!) If it was the fenced-in backyard, tell them. Whatever standout feature made you fall in love with the home, let the sellers know about it. In this instance, flattery could seal the deal for you!

2. Tell them who you are. You don’t have to give a seller your entire life story, but you may be able to make a connection with them if you share a little bit about yourself. As you’re touring through a home, you’re bound to notice if the sellers have kids or pets. If you share those obvious similarities with a seller, feel free to point those things out in your offer letter. In most cases, a seller would love to see their home go to a buyer who will enjoy it in a way that they did. Want to make sure you get a particular home? Make that personal connection wherever you can!

3. Take a look into your future. You know the way you can envision yourself in a home as you’re touring through it? Share a little bit of that vision with the seller. If you could see your children growing up and playing in a home’s pool or sand box, let the sellers know. Perhaps they share a similar memory. If you can envision yourself working from the home office, let the seller know. It is perfectly OK to make a connection with a seller based on how you can see yourself living in their home.

Are you ready to make a personal connection that may land you the home of your dreams?