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Moving With Pets? Tips to Make the Transition a Smooth One

Moving With Pets? Tips to Make the Transition a Smooth One


You know you’ll have to pack more than a few boxes. You’ll patch some holes and possibly repaint. You’ll probably even pack an overnight bag or two to make sure your family members have all of their favorite things when most things are tucked away in boxes. But, what will you do for your pets when it comes time to move into a new home?

It goes without saying that moving into a new home can be a stressful time for every member of the family, including your pets. So, while you’re making sure your children and spouse feel at-home, you’ve got to keep your four-legged family members in mind too.

Here are a few tips to ensure a successful move for you and your pets:

Consult your vet. Besides you, your vet may be the very person who knows your pet the best. In addition, they’re well-educated in how pets may respond in stressful situations. Seek their expertise during a move and you’ll make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible for you and your pets.

Learn pet rules and regulations in your new neighborhood. When you move into a new neighborhood, there may be specific rules for your pets. You may need to have a fence or possibly give your pets additional vaccinations to make sure they’re given a warm, neighborly welcome. Get them up-to-date before move-in day.

Find a new vet (if you’re moving further away). This tip may only apply if you’re planning to move to a new city. But, if that is the case for you and your pets, find a new vet well in advance of your move. Also, make sure to gather current medical records for your pets, so the transition to new care is seamless.

Limit stress during the packing process. We know that packing up a home can be a long, arduous process. But, for pets, that could be a good thing. Just like they seem to sense when you’re packing up for a weekend away, pets also will know that something is up when you’re packing to move. Try to span your packing process over a steady length of time. This way, your pets will not be stunned by any sudden changes to their daily environment.

Let your pets skip out on move-in day. If possible, give your pets a free pass on move-in day. Find a friend or family member who is willing to watch your pets while you do most of the heavy lifting. If you thought packing might stress out your pets, imagine what all of that foreign activity in a new space could do to their nerves.

Prepare your pets for travel. If you’re moving to a new city, you and your pets could be in for a long drive. If you know you’ll be subjecting your pet to long hours in the car, try to get them accustomed to the change by taking them on short trips when you’re running errands. If you’re not moving too far, bring your pet along when you visit your new home. This way, the space will be familiar when you move in.

Always reward good behavior. As we’ve said previously, moving into a new home can take a toll on any family member. So, if you notice your pets responding particularly well during any part of the process, reward them! After all, wouldn’t you love if someone gave you a treat or two on your way to closing?

Encourage a loving environment from day one. When you are comfortable and in love with your new home, it will be a lot easier to convince your pets they should feel the same way. When you’re in your new space, try not to get stressed out about all the things you should be doing. Instead, enjoy your new home and your four-legged family members are sure to follow!