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Thinking of Moving to Pittsburgh? 15 things You’ll Be Sure to Love!

Thinking of Moving to Pittsburgh? 15 things You’ll Be Sure to Love!


Summer has arrived and you know what that means… Pittsburghers are starting to get out in full effect, enjoying all the outdoor spaces and history our great city has to offer! If you’re relocating to the Steel City or even just planning to visit, we’ve compiled a list of things that you’re sure to love about Pittsburgh. 

Here are just 15 things we’re fond of in Pittsburgh:

1. The food.
When it comes to Pittsburgh food, people often refer to that place where they load up delicious deli sandwiches with French fries and coleslaw, Primanti’s. They often also rave about homemade pierogies. While these traditional favorites are something that shouldn’t be missed, Pittsburgh also boasts many fine dining options that could please any five-star palette. 

2. The sports.
Pirates. Steelers. Penguins. Repeat. Need we say more? Pittsburgh sports teams are consistently competitive and always give their fans (which include everyone in this city and many others) more than one reason to root for the home team.

3. The opportunity.
Of course, Pittsburgh was once known as a major steel town, but that is so… so yesterday. Today, the city is a hub for industries from healthcare and technology to up-and-coming startup companies. Pittsburgh is now a land of opportunity for many professions. 

4The education.
Since professional opportunities are abundant in Pittsburgh, it should come as no surprise that there are many places to further your education in and around the city. From private and public colleges and universities like the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University to art schools and trade schools, Pittsburgh’s got something for anyone looking for more knowledge.

5. The three rivers.
Not only is the merging of the Allegheny, the Monongahela, and the Ohio rivers a beautiful sight to see, in Pittsburgh, our rivers are not just for a great view. You can cruise down the rivers on the Gateway Clipper Fleet, by taking a Just Ducky tour or by renting a kayak and paddling your way through the city.  

6. The green space.
If you love the outdoors but aren’t such a fan of water, you’ll find that the grass is also a little greener in Pittsburgh. That’s thanks to multiple parks located within the city – and, that doesn’t even count what the suburbs have to offer. Yes, in downtown Pittsburgh, you can pack a picnic or take a hike, all on your lunch break!

7. The theme parks.
Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, there is just something exciting about a theme park that has been around for over 100 years, but still offers the thrills of a lifetime. Pittsburgh’s Kennywood Park has everything from wild rides to the tastiest of treats. It’s a summertime must for anyone around the city.

8. The views.
We’ve already mentioned Pittsburgh’s three rivers, which converge in the city’s center and there are many places around the city to enjoy that sight. But, when it comes to seeing the Pittsburgh skyline, almost nothing beats the view from atop the city’s Mount Washington neighborhood. Complete with historic inclines, the sights from Mount Washington are simply breathtaking.

9. The weather.
Though it may be easier to say in spring or summer, Pittsburgh weather is one-of-a-kind in a great way. Winter may be cold and snowy, but it is all a part of the four beautiful seasons that people in western Pennsylvania are able to enjoy. There are not many places where each season is so distinctively marked, but Pittsburgh is surely one of them.

10. The arts.
Yes, Pittsburgh is known for our sports, but we’re also known for the arts. Interested in spending an evening out enjoying a dance or musical show, theater performance or film? Pittsburgh is home to world-class ballet, symphony, operas and more. Art museums and galleries also showcase some of the work of the city’s most famous artists.

11. The history.
Talk about a city that embraces its roots. From a science center to a children’s museum and a museum of natural history, Pittsburgh’s many museums have something to suit everyone’s interests. They are ranked among the best museums in the nation and there are so many to visit, no one could ever complain that there was “nothing to do” in Pittsburgh! 

12. The shopping.
Yes, there are many major retail outlets in and around Pittsburgh; but, that’s not what shopping in the Steel City is all about. Pittsburgh’s Strip District is a half-square mile that is full of street vendors, fish markets and fresh produce! Every weekend, “The Strip” is bustling local flavor and great prices!

13. The affordability.
Speaking of prices, the Strip District isn’t the only place around Pittsburgh where you can find a good deal. If you’re looking to buy a new home, Pittsburgh and its suburbs offer a lot of bang for your buck. If you’re keeping track; so far, Pittsburgh’s got lots to love and it’s an affordable place to live. Start searching for your next home in Pittsburgh now.

14. The people.
Pittsburgh may not be a place where everybody knows your name, but that doesn’t matter to any of the locals. It’s the welcoming kind of place where people are happy to help if you need directions or when you move in, your next-door neighbor may welcome you to the neighborhood with a homemade cake… or pierogies. 

15. The pride.
As if this entire list isn’t proof enough, Pittsburgh and its people are very proud of the history, traditions and all there currently is to offer here. There truly is something for everyone and everyone is encouraged to come and enjoy the city.

Be a part of Pittsburgh’s proud family by relocating to the Steel City. Search for a new home in Pittsburgh today.