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These Five Hauntingly Cool and Creepy Houses are Fit for Halloween!

These Five Hauntingly Cool and Creepy Houses are Fit for Halloween!

All throughout the Halloween season, those of us who love a good scare flock to haunted happenings wherever we can find them. From houses to hayrides, there’s just something delightful about feeling so frightful during this time of year!

But, what about those Halloween lovers who would like to experience that horrifyingly satisfying feeling all year long? In the true spirit of this Saturday’s Halloween holiday, we’re showcasing a few of the coolest and creepiest pieces of real estate around!

Here are five spookily spectacular homes for sale this Halloween:

  1. Oh Clarice, you didn’t think we could let this lurking list begin without mentioning one of our very own listings, did you? Though creepy only for the role it played in the 1991 thriller “The Silence of the Lambs,” this historical Princess Anne home caused quite a national stir when it recently went on the market. In the Academy Award-winning movie, this Pittsburgh house was the home of serial killer Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb. Unfortunately, for thrill-seekers and movie buffs alike, the actual home is for sale without the villainous dungeon in the basement!


  2. A crumbling Illinois mansion-turned-funeral-home has just the eerie appeal to entice Halloween enthusiasts into buying! Its outward appearance is beautifully striking, but the indoor disrepair looks hauntingly similar to a scene from a horror film. This worthy fixer-upper’s spirited history includes serving as the autopsy site for the 1960 Starved Rock Murder victims. The horrifyingly beautiful home could be yours today for $150,000!


  3. One New Orleans mansion has seen its share of screen time as “Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies” on the FX’s “American Horror Story: Coven.” In reality, it’s called the Buckner Mansion and avid horror fans may be disappointed to find out that only the home’s exterior was filmed for the show. Nonetheless, the 1853 residence is certain to have some unexplained squeaks and creeks in still of the night. The 20,000 square-foot mansion is not for sale, but could be rented for one spooktacular ghostly gala this Halloween!  


  4. What could be scarier than a hipster ghost?! A Syndey, Australia three-bedroom, two-bath terrace is instantly spooktacular based solely on its listing photos, which appear to include the ghost of a bearded man sitting at a vintage desk! To add to the home’s eeriness, it’s complete with old plasterwork and raw ceilings and walls. But, this possibly-haunted house comes with a hefty price tag; it’s currently listed for $1.2 million!


  5. In Camden, New York, there is a Queen Anne that some fearless buyer has already claimed; but, in the spirit of the season, we just had to share its bit of haunting history. From unexplained handprints on the windows of the supposedly empty property to stories of owners who mysteriously vacated the home just after buying it, the 1880s property is sure to pack enough paranormal activity to please any fright lover out there!

From horrific features in both TV and movies to haunting histories and supernatural sightings, these five homes are such perfect fits for the Halloween season that they’re actually scary! If you’re interested in keeping that scare-factor around all year long, dare to do more than look into these hauntingly great pieces of real estate. Happy Halloween!