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The Value of Facebook Advertising

The Value of Facebook Advertising

For many brands, Facebook advertising is an essential part of their overall marketing strategy. If done well, open houses, recruiting, and brand recognition can be maximized beyond what many people have thought of as successful in the past.

However, many have questions about how to do it in a manner that will achieve results. After all just doing an ad does not garner or guarantee success.

No. There are a few “must’s” when doing an ad on Facebook. Here are some.

Consistency — without a consistent messaging strategy on Facebook, your ads will die on the vine. If you are going to do it, do it right. Make sure you come up with a calendar that focuses on message. If you are going to focus on open houses, then make sure you make it a theme. Such as, Open Houses for first time home buyers! The more specific the better.

Targeting — Facebook ads are all about targeting. With Facebook you can literally hyper focus on those you specifically want to reach. Such as, if you want to create an ad that reaches 24-32 year-olds who live in downtown Pittsburgh, who have Dogs, you can. Targeting is sophisticated. The more specific you are the better the result.

Relevancy — Facebook is about being relevant. The more relevant you are to the hyper-specific world you are trying to reach the more success you will have. For ideas, look at Inman. See what is happening there. Based on that you will have ideas on who to reach. Try it. You will be amazed by how well you will do.

Facebook is the world’s greatest opportunity at reaching the people who we are all trying to reach. Through advertising, you will be amazed at how well you can do. Give it a try, and your business will flourish.