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The eye of the photographer

The eye of the photographer


In this new digital age of real estate it has become expected that, as agents, we all become photographers. Just look around at real estate schools. Where once they offered classes on negotiation they now offer classes on perfecting the digital eye, specifically focused on helping agents learn to shoot photographs for marketing.

But whether you are shooting with a smartphone or a more elaborate tool such as a DSLR (or fancy camera), the one fact remains, the quality of the shot is dependent on the creative “eye” of the user. And that is difficult to teach.

When I was in college, photography was a part of my triple concentration major in Fine Art. And to this day I find “shooting” a house a difficult production. Lighting, composition, depth of field, all lend themselves as potential land minds in the digital house tour realm.

That’s why I always recommend a professional. However if you are convinced you can go it alone here are some tips.


1. Composition is everything. Make sure that the shots you choose are well positioned and pleasing. If you want a quick lesson there are plenty of basic tips on twitter, Inman, and Google. Just look up Photography for Real Estate or composition. It will help.

2. Lighting is vital. A poor lit home makes things dark and depressing. Make sure that whatever you are shooting with gives you enough light to show off the room.

3. Equipment matters. There is a reason cameras cost what they cost. They can determine the outcome of a successful photograph. Invest in a good camera. Also, most retailers offer classes after the sale of their items. Take advantage of it.

4. Practice until you really feel it. There is nothing wrong with practice makes perfect. Shoot your own home if you must. But build enough confidence in yourself that you feel you really know what you are doing.