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That Funky Little Thing Called a Business Plan

That Funky Little Thing Called a Business Plan

By Darrin Friedman

Tell the truth. You hate your business plan. No, better yet, you loathe it with the same kind of pure hatred with which Grumpy Cat hates, well, everything. 

But why? Well, for many agents it is an agonizing process to create, follow, and keep accountable to a document that we have come to know as an unavoidable yearly process. Moreover, for many, once it is created, we just put it away so it can never be seen again. After all, out of sight and out of mind is so much safer, isn't it?

Well, what if you tried something different?

What if you kept it out -- available and in your face so that it stares at you with its beady little eyes, daring you to look away?

If you did that, how would you feel now? Different, right? 

I'll even give you permission to change the goals on it, as long as you keep it out.  

The fact is business plans can radically affect how we do our business -- not only on a yearly basis, but on a daily one.

It can influence everything we do, from how we interact with people within our sphere to clients we have yet to meet. 

All I'm saying is if you have the right plan from the beginning, you will save yourself heartache and the inevitable despair that comes later.

And that is how you determine your future.