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Ten Phrases No Seller Should Say During the Home Sale Process

Ten Phrases No Seller Should Say During the Home Sale Process

As the summer sun continues to heat up, so does the real estate market for many sellers across the nation. But, even in the hottest of markets, it is still possible for a seller to come up short of their ultimate goal, whether in price, closing date or overall home sale.

There are a few big mistakes that sellers can make in any real estate market. Here are 10 catch phrases that no seller should utter during their home sale process:

 1. “My Home is Worth Way More than That!”  

Of course, everyone wants the most for the home that they’ve poured their heart and soul into; but, it is incredibly important to be realistic when setting a price to list your home on the market. Working with a trusted, experienced real estate agent and completing a comparative analysis of other listed homes in your area will help to make sure that you are setting a realistic price for your home.

2. “I Just Don’t Have Time to Spruce Up the Yard”

Many potential buyers do a lot of online research before they decide to tour a listed home. There are also many potential buyers who prefer driving by a home before they decide to step inside. For buyers, pictures may be worth 1,000 words, but seeing is really believing! If your yard is unkempt or your curb is less than appealing, buyers can be seriously turned off before they even decide to step inside your home.

3. “Just Use Last Year’s Photos for Our Listing”

Hand in hand with unappealing drive-by curb appeal is unflattering listing photos. You know what’s even worse? No photos! Since most of today’s buyers begin their home searches online, having plenty of well-lit photos that showcase a home’s best attributes is imperative to getting buyers to schedule that first tour. While most sellers are not responsible for taking their own listing photos, it is important for them to find a real estate agent with a proven track record of listings with great photos.

4. “I’m Not Moving My Stuff for Anyone!”

While it absolutely makes most of us feel at home to be surrounded by photos of our family and friends, it may make a potential buyer feel uncomfortable. Seeing a lot of personal belongings in a house also makes it harder for buyers to envision themselves living in the home. Not only will decluttering their home help sellers put their best foot forward, it will also help them to get a jump on the packing and moving process!

5. “My Smoking Habit Won’t Turn Off a Buyer”

Sellers who smoke, have pets or even like to cook with strong-smelling spices need to be cognizant of the scents that may be left behind in their homes. Remember, what is appealing to one person is not always appealing to another. So, a seller may think that their latest kitchen creation left a delicious scent wafting through the air; but, to a potential buyer, that smell may leave a not-so-appetizing lingering impression. The last thing a buyer wants to wonder is whether or not their new home will come with an odor that they can’t get rid of.

6. “We Don’t Need a Pre-Sale Home Inspection”

If a seller is sure of their home’s condition, they should have nothing to worry about when getting the home inspected before listing. If there are concerns, the pre-sale home inspection will allow them to be addressed before a buyer’s inspector finds them during the closing process. Problems found late in the process can be costly or eventual deal-breakers.

7. “Sorry, that Time Just Doesn’t Work for Us”

When it comes to selling a home, you never know when that perfect buyer will come along. So, if you limit your showing availability, consider the fact that you may be shutting the door to buyers who are willing and ready to make that purchase. In fact, when it comes to vacating your home for a showing, sellers MUST be flexible. Let’s face it; a little inconvenience can go a long way toward a home sale.

8. “But, Have You Seen This… and This?”

Again, when a seller pours their heart and soul into their home, they want to tell the world about how great it is, particularly when they are trying to sell it. But, hovering over potential buyers as they tour through is a major turn off that can quickly send them right out the front door. As hard as it may be, it is often best for sellers to vacate the premises during an open house or showing. It can be hard to take buyer feedback constructively, but it is important to be objective.

9. “We’re Not Budging on That!”

When a potential buyer makes an offer, even one that is not pleasing to a seller, it is more than appropriate to negotiate… and, those negotiations should not be limited just to price. As potential buyers are touring through a seller’s home, they may see fixtures or furniture that they would like to acquire with the home. They may also see some things that they would like to have removed or repaired. If a seller is not willing to budge a little on price, items or repairs, they may lose serious buyers. 

10. “Aunt Ida, Can You Help Us List Our Home?”

It may seem like a great idea to choose a friend or family member to list your home. But, when it comes to a speedy home sale, experience and process are keys to success. So, even if a seller has a trusted family member or friend who is more than willing to represent their home, it is still important to interview one or more agents to make sure they select the person who will put their home’s best foot forward.

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