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Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety


When you think about Summer, you think about the fun things we associate with warm weather: playing outdoor sports, barbeques, working in the garden and of course cooling off in a pool. Swimming is a great way to relax on a summer day, but keeping your kids safe is the most important thing. Exercising proper pool safety is the best way to make sure everyone enjoys the day without injury. Below are some tips to keep you and all of your guests safe around the water.

Teach Children How to Swim
Even if you are a decent swimmer, it is never a good idea to stand outside of the pool and instruct your kids on how to swim. You want someone to be in the pool with them and helping them along the way.

The most promising way for them to learn is through swim lessons at a local swimming area.


Constant Supervision is a Must
Even after being taught how to swim, children should never be left unattended in or near water. Make sure an adult who can swim well is watching your children at all times. They should not be reading or looking at their phone- their eyes should be on the pool. This applies even when a lifeguard is present. 


Surround the Pool with Proper Barriers
If your pool is not surrounded by a locked fence of at least four feet, it is easy for children to wander into a pool area. This can lead to falling or jumping into the pool without supervision. You should also teach your kids to never climb a fence. 


Learn CPR
If an emergency situation arises, it is imperative that you are prepared. Check for local organizations that offer a CPR training course and get certified. On this note, you should have a First Aid Kit handy as well. 


No Running
Do not allow your children to run or horseplay in the pool area. This can easily lead to falling. 

Overall, it is important to keep everyone safe this summer while also having a blast. Check out the link below for more in depth information on pool safety: https://poolresearch.com/safety/.