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Struck By Cupid? 14 Signs That You Found “The One”

Struck By Cupid? 14 Signs That You Found “The One”

Sweaty palms… weak knees… butterflies in your stomach… all are sure signs of attraction, but could they mean that you’ve found “The One?” Cupid has many ways of revealing himself, but what about when it comes to your home search?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s admit it: most mortgages last as long as some relationships! So, when you’re searching for a new home, consider you’ll be spending the next 15 to 30 years with it. Being sure that it’s “The One” is important.

We caught up with Cupid to find out 14 ways to tell if a home is “The One” for you:


1. You can’t sleep- In many real estate markets these days, pausing to sleep on your home-buying decision could actually cost you the home of your dreams. So, if you feel like you would be lost without a home if someone else got it, it’s probably time to make an offer.


2. It feels like it was meant to be- Some buyers say that they can tell from the moment they walk into a home if it is “The One.” If a home embraces you from the moment you step onto the front porch through the time you complete your tour, it could be right for you. Don’t trust your instincts without checking with your finances (and a home inspector), but sometimes a gut-feeling is all it takes.


3. It can give you everything you’ll ever need- You’re wise enough to know the difference between your needs and wants. If a home hits everything on your “need” list and you know that you can add any of your “wants” later, you may have found a perfect match.


4. You’re already blabbing to your friends- Snapping selfies to send to your friends before you even complete a home tour could be a sign that the home is just right for you. If that’s the case, make sure that you make a move before a photo is all you have left of your time together.


5. It complements your style- If you’re trendy and a potential home is colonial, you may have some problems once you get past that initial infatuation stage. But, when you look and feel good in a home, you may make a great couple for the long term!


6. You like where it comes from- You might find a home that you think is just perfect, but it’s not quite perfectly located for you. However, when you go to tour a potential home and find yourself waving to neighbors that you don’t even know yet, that could be a great sign for the future.


7. You’re already planning to move in together- If you’re touring through a potential home and already can begin to place your personal items in each room, things could be getting serious.


8. You’re becoming possessive- OK, possessiveness may not be the best quality of a relationship, but when you find yourself defending a home that is not even yours yet when another person tries to point out a flaw, it could be more than temporary infatuation.

9. It has taken over your mind... Does it seem like a potential home has begun to control your every thought? If that’s the case, there is probably no use in fighting it anymore… that home has got you hooked.


10. … But, you can still be rational- You may be hooked on a home, but you’re not crazy. You’re still able to exercise your reasonable side and consider a home’s affordability, maintenance issues and possible resale value. If the home is still measuring up, you may be in love!


11. You don’t mind spending your money on it- Of course, mortgage lenders will determine if you’re able to afford the home of your dreams. But, if you’ve already got the feeling that you won’t mind those monthly payments, maintenance issues and any renovation costs, that home just may be “The One.”


12. You’re ready to get exclusive- When you’re searching for a new home, it is common to see a lot of wrong ones before you find the right one. When you can confidently say that you don’t care to see any other homes, stop the search and make your offer!


13. You’re ready for commitment- Unless you’re paying cash for a new home, conventional mortgages last between 15 and 30 years. Does this new home make it seem like that time could pass in the blink of an eye? If so, get ready to commit!


14. You can see your future together- If a potential home has rooms that can serve multiple functions, then it can grow with you. Don’t have children yet, but are planning on them in the future? Need a playroom now, but can convert it into an office later? If a home offers you and your family a lot of versatility, it could be a keeper.


Whether you think you’ve found “The One” or not, the above tips are great ways to measure your compatibility with potential homes.