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Stress Over Selling Your Home in Winter? Let it Go with These Five Festive Tips!

Stress Over Selling Your Home in Winter? Let it Go with These Five Festive Tips!

As the weather outside becomes more and more frightful this winter, even the thought of listing your home on the market may give you the chills. But, don’t be frozen with fear about selling your home in winter. The coldest season of the year actually can be the hottest time to sell a home.

While the number of buyers often may be fewer in winter, so may the number of available homes, which means less competition for sellers! Studies also have shown that winter buyers are more serious about getting into a new home… and fast!

So, if you’re ready to list your home during this chilly holiday season, what can you do to make sure that it stands out to prospective buyers?

Keep the Warmth Inside: During winter and especially during the holiday season, showing off a home’s warmth is paramount. Tasteful holiday decorations and lights are welcome sights to most prospective buyers. If your home has a fireplace, it is a nice touch to have a few logs burning when an agent brings buyers by. Although you don’t want to leave a fire unattended, a cozy fireplace is a great way to give your home that cozy warmth. If you don’t have a fireplace, it may be a good idea to set your thermostat just a couple degrees higher when buyers are expected. You want to make sure they feel none of winter’s cold inside your warm, inviting home.


Create a Picture-Perfect Vision Outside: Your holiday décor and overall atmosphere inside are just part of your home’s appeal during winter. Show off that serene setting outside by keeping your windows sparkling clean in winter. Not only will buyers be able to see winter’s beauty outside, bright windows will allow natural light to illuminate your home inside as well. Daylight hours are at a minimum during the winter, so letting the sunlight in will help keep buyers’ spirits bright as they browse through your home. Make sure to open blinds and other window coverings as you prepare for winter showings.


Stay on Top of Winter Maintenance: As beautiful as freshly-fallen snow may be, it can also pose a danger to potential buyers who take a tour of your home. So, when your home is on the market in winter, it is extremely important to stay ahead of winter weather when it comes to home maintenance. This means making sure that your driveway, sidewalks, porch steps and any other walkways are free of snow and ice. Adding an extra layer of salt or de-icer before buyers come by is a good idea – anytime. It is also OK to request that agents and prospective buyers remove their shoes when they tour through your home. Taking pride in your home’s upkeep will not be held against you by a serious buyer.


Play Up Seasonal Perks: Whether winter is your favorite time of the year or not, keep in mind that someone people prefer ice and snow to sun and sand. So, play up the seasonal advantages of your home. If you live near a ski or snow resort, make sure that you offer up that information to prospective buyers. If your area is known for excellent winter maintenance, it may not hurt to emphasize how easy your home is to care for during the winter. Highlight any easy access to schools and major highways or the meticulous way that your streets are maintained during winter.


Set the Mood for Success: When you think your home is prepped and ready to show and you’ve perfectly placed your throw pillows and seasonal blankets, turn on some light, festive music. If you have time before a showing, bake some cookies or other treats and leave some hot apple cider or hot chocolate brewing for your prospective buyers. Do whatever you can to give your guests that at-home, warm holiday feeling and they are sure to remember your home this winter!