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Spring into Lawn & Garden Month

Spring into Lawn & Garden Month

After a cold Covid-filled winter, the sun is finally shining and the flowers are blooming.  Warmer weather is upon us as well as the rebirth of all things lawn and garden. April is National Lawn and Garden month so now is the perfect time to grab your gloves and yard tools and dedicate some time to beautifying your green spaces.  


Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Follow these four steps to boost your curb appeal. 


Clean up your lawn

Cleaning up your lawn is a great way to start if you are an amateur gardener. Start by examining your lawn for any debris. Look out for twigs, rocks, weeds and trash. Not only can these get caught in your lawn mower, but they can make your yard look disorderly. Once your lawn is clear from debris, you can start mowing and mulching.


Design your Landscape

Good landscaping can make or break the outdoor aesthetic of your home. You can be creative and incorporate elements from different landscaping styles to implement your own design that compliments your yard. Plan out the placement for flower beds, shrubs, trees and gardens by drawing out your ideal yard layout. Once you draw it out, it will be easier to make your vision come alive. During this planning stage, be sure the sun reaches all of your new vegetation to promote proper growth. Once you have everything planned out, you’ll be ready to start planting! 


Garden Maintenance

Now it’s time to put your plan to action. If you don’t already have a garden, now is the time to start plotting it out and figuring out what to fill it with. Grab seeds from your local farmers market and start planting. If you already have a garden be sure to test the soil and add fresh soil if needed. Remember to water your garden to ensure maximum growth. 


Have Patience

Rome was not built in a day, and the same goes for your lawn and garden. Have patience that everything will bloom beautifully. The key to a healthy garden is proper maintenance and time. Be sure to water your flowers, refresh your mulch and trim your trees and shrubs when needed. By the time summer rolls around, your neighbors will be envious of your beautiful lawn and garden. 


As the green thumbs start to defrost, and you start planning your yearly garden, be sure to look back on these tips and tricks to get you started. If you have trouble turning your creative ideas into reality be sure to reach out to a local landscaping company for help.