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Setting the Bar: What Buyers and Sellers Should Expect from their Real Estate Agent

Setting the Bar: What Buyers and Sellers Should Expect from their Real Estate Agent

You may love to eat fine cuisine and decadent desserts, but have you tried to create them in your own kitchen? You may love to sing in the shower and you might actually sound alright, but have you tried to take your show on the road? Yes, many people are capable of the doing these things to a degree; but, it often takes a professional to really excel in these fields.

So, why is it that some people decide to try buying or selling a home on their own, without seeking the help of a licensed, professional real estate agent? Put simply, there are certain things you can expect from a real estate agent that you cannot demand of yourself, an untrained novice when it comes to real estate.

Here are just a few things that buyers and sellers can expect from their real estate agents:

1. Pricing Help


Setting the right price up front is one of the most important parts of the home-sale process. To help sellers, real estate agents bring the experience of successfully selling other homes. In addition, they’re able to easily complete a comparative market analysis to make sure the set price is competitive.


Real estate agents also can help a buyer to determine a realistic price range to begin their home search. Many agents have established relationships with lenders, so buyers who are seeking mortgage pre-approval will have instant options when searching for the right lender.


2. Marketing Savvy


With all of the technology that is available today, slapping a “for sale” sign in the front yard and placing an ad in the local paper is no longer an OK way to advertise a home sale. Of course, real estate agents have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but they also know how to promote a home sale on social media and other resources –keep in mind that 90% of all homebuyers are looking online! And, yes, agents know how to target more traditional buyers, who actually may prefer that tried-and-true newspaper ad.


For a buyer who is searching for a home, a real estate agent’s market savvy also can be an asset. Again, they’ve got the MLS access to find all available homes; plus, they’ve also got colleague connections that may give them the first word when a coveted home hits the market.


3. Negotiating Know-How


What seller doesn’t want to get the most money for their home? Another great benefit of hiring an experienced real estate agent is hiring their negotiating ability! Real estate agents are able to offer sellers support as offers come in and advice on accepting or submitting counter offers.


Of course, that negotiating ability is two-fold. So, for buyers, real estate agents are able to help them determine a fair offer, bargaining points and counter offers. Agents are trained negotiators; and, although, we all may think we’re pretty good at pleading our own cases, they’ve simply got the experience and results to prove their skills!


4. Industry and Area Knowledge


Seller prep-work can be easy to determine… cleaning, repairing, decluttering, taking professional listing photos, staging… just to name a few tasks. But, how is a seller to know what to declutter, what to repair or repaint and how to stage a home? Having a professional, unbiased eye can be a real asset when it is time to sell.


What kind of prep-work could a buyer possibly have? Well, research for starters. If a buyer is new to an area, a real estate agent can be a wealth of knowledge on local history, neighborhoods, schools, transportation options, restaurants, parks… need we go on?


For both buyers and sellers, real estate agents can be excellent resources for finding service professionals that are needed to get to closing. Agents usually have great relationships with reliable contractors, inspectors and other helpful professionals. Hiring an agent is a great way to get access to those proven professionals.


5. Fast Feedback


On both the buying and selling sides of the fence, feedback is important. With the immediacy that market conditions can create, fast feedback is even more of an asset.


Sellers can expect their agents to provide prospective buyer feedback after each agent showing or open house. Buyers also should expect their agents to promptly arrange showings and answer any questions they pose.


These five points are just a few of the things that buyers and sellers can expect from their real estate agents. Let’s not forget that licensed, experienced professional real estate agents also have been trained on real estate laws and other lesser-known aspects of the industry.


Again, you probably wouldn’t try to recreate your favorite culinary feast or release your oh-so-on-key shower singing records, so why try to buy or sell a home on your own? Find an experienced, professional Pittsburgh real estate agent to assist you in buying or selling your next home today.