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Selling a Home in Winter? Ten Ways to Warm Up Buyers this Season

Selling a Home in Winter? Ten Ways to Warm Up Buyers this Season

A new home may not be the first thing on shoppers’ lists this holiday season, but there certainly are ways to market your home that will give you an edge over some of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. There are advantages to selling a home during winter, so it is important to know how to make your home stand out without having to climb up on the housetop to shout it out.

Here are 10 tips for selling a home during the holiday season:

1. Don’t be afraid to show your holiday cheer… tastefully.

If there ever is a time for curb appeal it is during winter and, particularly, the holiday season. Who can deny being captivated by a home that is beautifully decked out for the holidays? But, sellers beware; an overabundance of holiday decorations may actually deter some buyers from seeing what’s inside. Enhance your home’s beauty with tasteful seasonal décor, inside and out.

2. Make your list of buyers and check it twice.

Think about the types of buyers who may be looking for a new home during the holiday season. Some buyers may want to make their purchase before the new year for tax reasons. College students and other university staff may be looking for a new home before the new semester starts. Motivated buyers are out there, so make sure you have a real estate agent that can bring them to you.

3. Don’t let holiday home buyers shop around.  

Pricing your home to sell will ensure that interested home buyers don’t have to look anywhere else. This time of year, many people LOVE to finish their holiday shopping early. Why should holiday home shopping be any different? Make sure the price of your home is set to move.

4. Tis Better to Give… Lots of Great Photos!

On cold, wintry nights, a hot online home search is just what holiday home buyers need. Warm them up to your home by providing them with lots of bright, clear photos that showcase your space. If you have your holiday shopping done early, you could even consider adding a video tour.

5. Leave Cookies Out for Santa and Whoever Else May Stop By…

Your halls are decked to perfection and your home is a warm haven from winter’s chill. Now what? Leaving out a plate of your famous chocolate chip cookies or even that delicious box mix of brownies is a pretty sweet way to leave a great taste in buyers’ mouths.

6. Don’t Make Your Possible Buyers Dash Through the Snow to See Your Home

Yes, winter weather outside can be frightful; but, as a seller, it is your job to make sure your driveway and sidewalks remain delightful. When the snow is piling up outside, give your potential buyers a clear, ice-free way to get inside. It’s a courtesy that can show them just how easy your home is to maintain.

7. Daytime Visits May Make Spirits Brighter

Whether you love the snow or not, we can all admit that winter weather can be a little dreary at times. One way to make your home shine during the holiday season is to encourage potential buyers to visit during the daytime. True, your seasonal décor may not be all lit up, but your home will appear brighter in the natural light.

8. A Clean Home Lands on Everyone’s “Nice” List

Another easy way to make sure your home is bright and cheery to make sure it is clean. It is a standard rule of thumb any time of year, but winter’s white can easily point out any not so clean parts of your home, particularly dark, dingy windows.

9. Ask Frosty and Everyone Else to Leave their Boots at the Door  

Many professional hosts and hostesses may advise you to allow your friends and families to wear their shoes during your holiday party, but that rule does not apply to potential home buyers. It is OK to ask buyers and agents to take their shoes off when they enter your clean home. Buyers may actually love the fact that you take such great care of your place. If you would like to add an extra touch, provide them with booties to keep their toes warm while they browse through your home.

10. Embrace the Season

If you live in the snow capital of the world and your home happens to be close to a ski resort, it could be a winter enthusiast’s dream come true. On the other hand, if you live near an airport, buyers who prefer warmer weather would love to know they have an easy way to fly south for the winter. The point? Use the area where you live as another way to highlight your home to buyers.

Remember, anyone who is taking the time look at more than festive holiday lights during the winter season is likely a serious buyer, so properly presenting your home could bring you tidings of comfort and joy… and buyers! J