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Selling a Home in Pittsburgh? Here are Eight Things Buyers Crave!

Selling a Home in Pittsburgh? Here are Eight Things Buyers Crave!

Their sports teams, an awesome skyline and Primanti Bros. are three indisputable things that most Pittsburgher’s love; but, when it comes to buying a home in and around the city, what are people in Pittsburgh looking for?

We’ve listed eight things that our buyers and potential buyers have asked for. If you’re selling a home in Pittsburgh, see if you have what buyers crave. If you don’t, you may be able to cost-effectively update your home, so it is more appealing to those people searching for a home in the area.

Here are eight things that Pittsburgh home buyers want:

1. A Multi-car Garage

A multi-car garage gives buyers the best of all worlds. Not only are they able to park their vehicle in the garage, it gives any handy-man or woman a great place to escape with their tools. A multi-car garage can also compensate for a home that lacks storage space.

2. An Eat-in Kitchen

The kitchen is where many families spend the bulk of their time. Yes, a formal dining room is great, but many Pittsburgh buyers say they want to be able to have a family meal in the kitchen as well. With an open floor plan, an eat-in kitchen can become one of a home’s major focal points.

3. A Spacious Yard  

Whether they’re looking for a home in the city or in the suburbs, Pittsburgh buyers crave a spacious yard. Of course, families with children or pets want room for their loved ones to freely run around. Take it from one of our agents, who also noted another buyer want… updates:

“Typically, buyers want a nice back yard and a home that is not in need of a lot of updating.  They don’t want to be bothered with removing wallpaper, either.” – Ann Zajac

4. An Updated Kitchen

As quickly as a kitchen with outdated appliances or flooring could spoil a sale, an updated kitchen could seal the deal. As we mentioned above, many families spend a ton of time in the kitchen; so, updated appliances, countertops and floors could be the icing on the cake for Pittsburgh buyers.

5. An Updated Bath

When it comes to updates, buyers don’t want them to stop in the kitchen. Many Pittsburgh buyers say they would love a home with updated bathrooms, too. There is just something that feels so clean about an updated, modern bathroom.

6. A Finished Basement

Yes, many people want to use their basements for storage. But, a finished basement gives so many other options. It could be a great place to watch the “big game” or a finished basement could easily turn into the perfect guest room. If you have that, plus other updated areas, your home could be a must-have, according to one of our agents:

“I notice that most of my buyers want a finished basement and an updated kitchen and bathrooms.” – Melissa Rhoades

7. A Walk-in Closet

Like most buyers today, Pittsburgh buyers place an importance on closet space. In particular, they want to see walk-in closets. According to Forbes, these large closets likely will never go out of style, either. If you’re selling a home in Pittsburgh, walk-in closets are a huge plus!

8. A Deck

Finally, what better place to enjoy Pittsburgh’s four seasons than outside on the deck? Whether you like to entertain or enjoy a little quiet time outdoors, a nice deck can totally enhance your experience. People searching for a home in Pittsburgh agree, a home with a deck has immediate appeal.

If you’re selling a home in Pittsburgh that doesn’t have any of the features listed above, we’re not saying you need to add them overnight. But, if you notice that your home has one or more of the above options, you may find one or more interested Pittsburgh buyers. Let’s hope it’s not in the middle of the Steelers game while you’re chomping down on your Primanti’s sandwich!