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Sellers What’s on the Outside Counts - Prep Your Home’s Exterior to Impress!

Sellers What’s on the Outside Counts - Prep Your Home’s Exterior to Impress!

The outdoor season is upon us and for people who are trying to sell their homes this spring and summer that means a little more than backyard BBQs, pool parties and front-porch sitting. If a home is listed on the market, the outdoor season can mean extra mowing, trimming and mulching, just to enhance curb appeal.

You know that old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Unfortunately, when it comes to home buyers and their first glance at newly-listed homes on the market, it’s practically impossible not to judge a home by what they see on the exterior. After all, if there is no care given to what’s out front, why waste time trying to see what’s inside? Buyers may be too afraid to find out!

So, sellers, you’ve probably heard the words “curb appeal” and maybe someone’s already given you advice on properly primping your lawn for selling season. But, do you know what not to do when your home is on the market?

Here are five things prospective buyers DO NOT want to see when they’re taking that first drive-by glimpse of your home this spring and summer:

Overgrown Anything

If you’re selling your home during the spring and summer seasons, pruning is paramount! Your front lawn and any flowers or other landscaping that you’re showcasing should be finely-trimmed and meticulously manicured. Because this is the first aspect of your home that prospective buyers will see as they drive toward your house, this could make or break their decision to step inside. If your curb appeal is less than appealing, why would a buyer want to see what’s inside?

Chipped Paint

As a prospective buyer approaches your home, they’ll probably be looking closely at every aspect. If there is paint visibly chipping off of your front door, shutters or anywhere else, they may look at it as just another task they’d have to complete if they bought it… you know, along with packing, closing, moving… well, you get the picture. If you’re planning to list your home, consider applying a fresh coat of paint to your front door and any other areas that may be showing their age less than gracefully.

Dilapidated Features

In addition to any chipping paint, prospective home buyers will likely pay close attention to notice any broken steps, rusty gate hardware or rotting wood on your front porch. Buyers may not only see these dilapidated features as extra work, they could view them as possible dangers. Although you are hoping to sell your home and move out, it may pay to have any obvious eyesores repaired before you do.

Excessive Décor

As we mentioned above, prospective buyers’ eyes are peeled from the minute they even approach your home. So, in the few moments it may take their real estate agent to open the lock box on your front door, you can be sure they’re inspecting everything around them. If they are bombarded by your collection of lawn gnomes or the small jungle of plants you enjoy on your front porch, they may be taken aback. Simplicity is best when it comes to outdoor décor. A few colorful flower pots and a new mat may be the perfect bright splash that welcomes prospective buyers to your doorstep.

Fido’s Leftovers

One final feature that could be a major turnoff for prospective buyers is any sign of the family pet. Whether your Fido or Fluffy likes to dig holes in your front lawn, use the entire space as their own personal bathroom or even leave their toys laying around outside, no buyer is going to be impressed by your pet’s dirty little tricks. Remember, just because a prospective buyer loves their own pet, that does not mean that also they love yours. Sorry, Fido.

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but the fact of the matter is that many buyers find it hard not to make a quick judgement about a home’s exterior based solely on that first glance. So, sellers beware; if you’re planning to list your home this spring or summer, be sure an unkempt home exterior won’t scare your prospective buyers away!