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Say “So Long” to Summer and the Last of Your Seasonal Home Improvements!

Say “So Long” to Summer and the Last of Your Seasonal Home Improvements!

After a long, hot summer, most of us welcome the crisp, fall air that is certainly on the horizon; and, that’s not even mentioning the pumpkin lattes and football Sundays that undoubtedly accompany autumn’s arrival. However, as ready as we are to kick-off a cooler season, our homes and those lingering improvement projects may not be quite so eager to usher out summer’s warm weather just yet.

Although Labor Day has now passed and summer is unofficially over, there are still many home projects that you can comfortably complete before fall’s chill starts to creep into the air. What could still be on your home’s summer “to do” list?

  1. Paint – As the weather starts to turn from immensely hot to mildly cool, there is no better time to dig out those brushes and rollers to do a little outdoor painting. Not ready to take on your home’s entire exterior? Small painting projects like adding a splash of color to your front door or shutters, brightening up your window surrounds or giving your mailbox or lamppost a major color makeover are perfect home upgrades to complete before fall hits.
  2. Prune – Is there ever an end to maintaining the perfect lawn? We know that mowing season is not yet over, but it is also a good idea to grab your pruning shears while the weather is mild. It is a lot easier to make sure that your shrubs and other landscape features are in tip-top shape before the cold weather comes than to deal with the aftermath in the spring. Whether you’re planning to list your home anytime soon or not, you’ll want to make sure that your curb appeal is maximized as we head into fall and into the approaching holiday seasons.
  3. Seal – When it comes to prepping for the cooler temperatures of fall and, ultimately winter, just ask yourself, “Would I like to seal my windows and doors in the cold weather?” Of course not! So, while the summer sun is still keeping temperatures mild outside, make sure you are taking the necessary precautions to keep the cold weather and drafts from coming inside! Check for any seepage and caulk along any cracks in your window and door frames.
  4. Insulate – Although it is more of an indoor task, making sure your home is properly insulated before cold weather hits is a must. The nights may be warm now, but once that first cold night hits, you will know whether or not your home needed some extra insulation. Save yourself the chill and don’t wait that long. While the weather is mild, check your attic, basement, walls and ceilings to make sure they are well-insulated.
  5. Repair – As summer is wrapping up, take a good look at your home’s roof to see if you are in need of any repairs. Not only do you want to make sure that you’re not letting any hot air escape, you don’t want any rain or (gasp) snow to leak in. Take advantage of the warm weather and climb up there yourself or hire a professional to check for any potential problem areas. Definitely address roof issues before the cold weather comes.
  6. Prevent – As we relish in what could be the last few weeks of summery weather, no one wants to even think about their furnace; but, summer’s end is the perfect time to make sure that your home heating system and hot water heater are in great working condition for the winter. If you have nothing to repair or replace, that’s great. But if you do need to make some changes, you may find that you can have the work completed at a lower cost now, because furnace repairs typically are not in such high demand during the summer.

Saying “so long” to summer is probably not something that any of us are prepared to do just yet; so, enjoy the last of the warm weather and complete those final few items on your summertime home improvement checklist while you still can. When you’re done, pick up that pumpkin latte and relax as your favorite football team takes the field for the first time this season.