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Roadside Assistance: Five Times You’ll Need It

Roadside Assistance: Five Times You’ll Need It

Being stuck on the side of the road because of a flat tire or standing outside in an empty parking lot because you are locked out can be frustrating and scary.  Many people have considered purchasing roadside assistance coverage for these exact reasons. Below are five reasons you might want to have roadside assistance.  


1. You need to be towed

If your car stops working in rush hour traffic or won’t start in a parking lot, stay in your car and call your provider. Your roadside assistance will come to the rescue and arrange to tow you to the nearest qualified repair facility.


2. You are locked out

There’s no worse feeling than going to open your car door and realizing you are locked out. This is one scenario you definitely one to leave to the pros!  Being able to call your roadside assistance company will save you from breaking into your own car and potentially cause additional damage. 


3. You run out of gas

Not a lot of people know that gas services are included in roadside assistance packages.  Running out of gas is extremely common, so if you can’t get to a gas station in time, no worries.  A quick call and your roadside assistance team will be out with a can of gas to get you going again.  

4. You need a jump start

When you go to start your car and it stalls, it's a good sign you might have a dead battery.  If you don’t have jumper cables or there is no one around to help you start your car, you will need assistance.  A roadside assistance team has the necessary equipment to safely examine your car and get it running again. 


5. You have a flat tire

Getting a flat tire is very common and even if you know how to change it yourself, it is still a good idea to stay in your car and call roadside assistance.  It can be very dangerous if you are working on the side of the road, so leave it to the professionals to lend a hand.  

If you have ever been in one of these situations, you know it can be a nerve-racking feeling.  Now might be the time to consider purchasing a roadside assistance package so you will never have to fear being stuck again.  


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