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Renters: Update Your Place Without Breaking Your Bank… Or Your Lease!

Renters: Update Your Place Without Breaking Your Bank… Or Your Lease!

Are you less than impressed with your rental? Wish you could really make your landlord’s house feel like your “home?” You’re in luck! There are actually many reasonable ways that renters can make their temporary quarters feel like “home” without breaking their budgets, their leases or even upsetting their landlords.

Of course, before you begin to get too “at home,” it is wise to get written approval from your landlord. That way, you can be sure you get your security deposit back. They may even love your ideas and offer to pick up the tab.

Here are a few great ways to make your rental property feel like your own:

Show Your Colors!

  • One easy way to give your seemingly drab rental a total facelift is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Just think… an accent wall here, an entire room there… the place will shine with your personality in no time! Painting is an inexpensive and easy way to brighten up your rental, like now.

Light it Up!

  • For whatever reason, many rental properties have less-than-desirable lighting fixtures. So, who is to say that you can’t add your own touch to make the space shine a little brighter – or dimmer, if that’s what you prefer?
  • You can also replace outlet and light switch covers fairly easily to add another touch of color or style to your rental property. Pinterest offers great tutorials on how to change your outlets and light fixtures.

Floor the Place!

  • Whether your rental property is covered by outdated carpeting, not-your-style vinyl floors or even less-than-polished hardwoods, you can add your own touch rather easily, just by laying down a few area rugs. You may even be surprised by what a new coat of polish can do for older hardwood floors.

Give Me My Space!

  • In the kitchen, you can add an inexpensive rolling island or pantry that will give you extra counter space and storage… win win! If the cabinets are outdated, try giving them a modern look by either painting them or removing the doors and exposing your colorful dishes. Contact paper is also an easy way to clean up old drawers and add a personal touch.  
  • In the bathroom, try an over-the-toilet storage cabinet. It can double for storage and decoration. Switching out the towel racks and toilet paper holder will give your bathroom a fresh look, too. Finally, make sure you can enjoy your morning shower by adding your own showerhead. Nothing says “home” like a nice, long shower.

Rent Like You Own!

  • A final tip for upgrading a rental property without upsetting your landlord is to rent it like you own it. You may only be planning to live there for 6 months or a year, but “live” in your rental property. Do you like to garden? Plant or pot some flowers outside. And, stop fighting the urge not to hang up your wall art and pictures. You can patch those holes before you move out.

If you like any of these ideas or they helped you to think of other ways to personalize your rental space, get your landlord’s OK and get going. Maybe your landlord will be so interested they will offer to chip in. Even if they don’t, you’ll already have some items you love when you move in to your own home!

For more ways to upgrade your rental without upsetting your landlord: