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Rent Friendly Renovations

Rent Friendly Renovations


Feeling unsettled in your apartment and want to give it a refresh? Get creative with your space with some landlord-friendly apartment renovations. Before you dive into your next project, read your lease terms thoroughly. Even if you clearly understand what renovations are appropriate, ask your landlord or property manager in advance just to be safe. When it comes to renting, most things are on a case-by-case basis rather than a hard rule. However, this list will help you get started with some simple renovation ideas. 


Add Some Color to Your Walls

For some people, the thought of being surrounded by four off-white walls is simply unbearable. And for others, it's just plain boring. If you’re tired of looking at your bare walls, it may be time for some paint or wallpaper! Your landlord will likely approve specific paint colors for your walls like beige or gray. On other occasions, your landlord may let you go wild as long as you paint your walls back to the original color before moving out. 

Refresh Your Space With Funky Wallpaper

If all else fails, stick-on wallpaper may be a great option for you. Removable wallpaper is becoming more popular and is a great way to brighten up your white apartment walls. Wayfair and Etsy have some really great options that are easy to apply and take off when your lease ends! Just be sure to measure out the stick on sheet and match it to your desired area before applying!

Install New Light Fixtures

The right lighting can make or break your apartment’s aesthetic. Choose from faux chandeliers, pendant lights or tracking lights to enhance the look of any room. Be sure to keep the original fixtures somewhere safe for when you move out and have to reinstall. 

Add More Storage

Storage can open up your apartment and make it look larger than life. Try multi-purpose furniture options with hidden storage or oversized baskets for throw blankets or magazines. Cleaning out a closet and redesigning it with racks, shelves and bins can unlock way more space and help decrease clutter. 

Upgrade Your Hardware

Your kitchen, bathroom and door knobs are easy to replace and won’t break the bank. You can try out unique, colorful options for your drawer and cabinet handles. New hardware will breathe new life into every room in the apartment. Again, be sure to keep the original hardware in a safe place to reinstall when you move out. 

Redesign Your Patio Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a patio or deck space attached to your apartment, you may want to include it in your renovation plans. Consider adding new greenery, patio furniture and string lighting to make a relaxing outdoor oasis. If large enough, you can turn the space into an entertaining area. Purchase a grill, create an outdoor living room or even plant a garden. The options to maximize your space are endless! 


Making your space match your personality is important even if you are living in a rental! If your new apartment is not exactly how you want when you move in, consider customizing it with small and easy changes. You will want to make sure to check your rental agreement before making any changes, but these are all minor changes your landlord shouldn’t mind!