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Ready to Spring into Action? Why Springtime is a Great Time to Sell Your Home!

Ready to Spring into Action? Why Springtime is a Great Time to Sell Your Home!

If the long, cold winter has had you doing some thinking about selling your home, now that spring has arrived, it may be time for you to shake off those cold feet and list your home.

It is pretty obvious that most people feel a little more of a spring in their step once the weather warms up and they see the bright greens and young blossoms of the season. Other than the obvious rejuvenating qualities of spring, there actually are a lot of great reasons to try to sell a home during springtime.

Spring Cleaning Easily Translates to Packing and Moving

For whatever reason, we all get that bug to do some major cleaning once springtime weather arrives. So, it only stands to reason that if you’re putting all of that effort into cleaning out and ordering your things, it would be a great time to show off your expert organizational skills to potential buyers.

In fact, extensive spring cleaning is also a great first step toward packing for a move. Think about it; you’re already putting away your winter things and getting rid of the things you no longer need, so you’ll have to pack and move fewer things if you sell your home during the process.

Spring is the Season of Renewal… and Remodeling!

Similar to that cleaning bug that arrives in spring, many people also get an itch to complete any home maintenance or remodeling projects that they’ve been thinking about all winter. Since you would likely need to complete those home projects before you list your home, doing it all at once makes selling during spring an even more ideal situation for you.  

If you know an area of your home needs a new coat of paint, your deck needs stained or winter left a few other repairs on your “to-do” list, putting your home on the market will only give you more of an incentive to complete those little projects sooner.

In Spring, Curb Appeal Blossoms

Listing a home in winter pretty much guarantees that you will need to do some extra outdoor maintenance, like shoveling and de-icing, whenever you are planning to show your home. On the contrary, listing your home in spring means that Mother Nature should be on your side when it comes to curb appeal.

In spring, your annuals will begin to bloom and those lovely first greens will start to appear. What’s even more beautiful about that is the fact that it all happens whether you put extra time and maintenance into your yard or not!

Spring Weather is (Usually) on Your Side

OK, we know that March can come in or go out like a lion or lamb and that April showers bring May flowers; but, overall, spring weather is far more mild and favorable for buyers and sellers than any other time of the year.

Buyers are more active in spring because, even if they’ve been browsing homes online during the winter, mild weather gives them every incentive to get out of the house and see those homes in person. As we’ve mentioned above, sellers love to show their homes in spring because that little kiss of sunshine often makes their homes look more appealing.

Springtime is Tax Refund Time

Tax Day is April 15th, which means that many buyers have some extra cash in hand, just in time for browsing homes that are on the market in spring. That handy cash can translate into a buyer being more willing to make a higher offer or at least more willing to pay a seller’s asking price with little or no objection. Of course, less haggling over a home’s price equals a quicker, less painful closing process, which is something that both buyers and sellers can enjoy.

Spring Sales Favor Families (and Most Other Buyers, too)

The mere mention of spring puts most people in a good mood and has everyone looking forward to all of the fun that summer can bring; you know, when school is out and vacation time is in! So, many buyers want to wrap up their new home purchase before all of that fun begins. After all, who wants to be packing and moving in summer’s heat?

If a buyer has children, they will want to make sure that those children are registered for fall classes and possibly that they have time to make a few friends before classes start. Most couples and families will also want to make sure that their buying and moving processes are completed before they make summer travel plans.

Without a doubt, spring is one of the very best times to list a home on the real estate market. Of course, if you are planning to list your home in spring, you are not alone. As the weather begins to heat up, so may the competition. As with any time of year, it is important to make sure that your home shows well during spring.

For help in listing your home this spring, contact an experienced Prudential Preferred Realty agent today!