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Pumpkins, Patterns, Antlers & More: Your Guide to Awesome Autumn Home Decor

Pumpkins, Patterns, Antlers & More: Your Guide to Awesome Autumn Home Decor

As the weather turns just a little colder and the leaves show off their bright red, orange and yellow hues, it becomes very clear that it is time to transition our personal style to accompany the autumn season. When it comes to showing off your fall style, we’re not only talking about the scarves, sweaters and boots that you’ve already welcomed back into your wardrobe.

Fall style also should be prominently displayed in your home décor. Surprisingly, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to incorporate some awesome autumn style into your home this fall.

Here are 10 of our favorite ideas for hot fall home décor:


Call Your Mum: Fresh or fake, seasonal flowers are the perfect way to bring all of autumn’s beautiful colors into your home and they can be used virtually anywhere. Think centerpieces, mantelpieces, bedrooms, bathrooms and, of course, the front porch!


Layer it Up: Just like your fall fashion sense, which allows you to layer sweaters, scarves and more, don’t be afraid to layer up your fall décor! Tis the season for freshening up your throw pillows, adding seasonal slipcovers and cozying up to coordinated, warm fall blankets. But, don’t think you can only add one… layers are in!


Develop a Pattern: When you’re adding those cozy layers to your fall home décor, make sure to incorporate some of the latest fashion trends in the mix. What patterns are hot for fall? Houndstooth, plaids and chevron are a few of our favorites.


Fall for Foliage: “Leaf” it to Mother Nature to supply some of the best autumn home décor – the natural way! Colorful leaves, greens and twigs are an extremely inexpensive way to add earthy, rustic appeal to your home this fall.


Take Nature’s Lead: Mother Nature has already begun to set out her fall décor. So, why not take advantage of it while you can? If you’re hosting a soiree this season, keep it outdoors if possible! The beauty of the fall season means less decorating that you’ll have to do.


Pump Up the Pumpkins: No, we’re not talking about that pumpkin spice latte you grab each and every morning. A great way to personalize your own pumpkins for fall is to add some etching. Outdoors, consider adding your house number or initials. Indoors, you can etch a leafy design that will instantly enhance your home’s décor.


“Gourds” Yourself: Obviously, it is easy to overeat during the holiday season, but one thing you won’t be able to get enough of during fall is gourds! This natural décor element can be used in any area of your home. Plus, gourds are enough to complement your home by themselves or you can transform your regular décor or serving pieces by adding some seasonal gourds.


Hunt for More Natural Décor: If you’re the outdoorsy type, hunt around in the woods for some deer antlers that have naturally shed off. If you’re not into the outdoor scene, hunt for some replica antlers at a craft store! Then, feel free to place these rustic pieces around your already “gourd”eous décor. We like to call this look “rustic chic!”


Get Squared Away: We all know that DIY is the way to go these days, so when you’re crafting your fall wreaths, give them some added appeal by throwing that “round rule” out the window. Square, rectangular or other-shaped wreathes give this classic décor staple a fresh, new twist for fall.


Show Off those Earth Tones: Finally, if your home is decked out in neutral browns, tans or even grays, you already may be ahead of the game when it comes to fall decorating! Enhance those earth tones with any other number on our list and your home will be feeling fall in no time! If your home’s style has traditionally been a little bold, the season of change may be a great time to try some earthy tones out on your walls!