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Moving to a New City? Relocation Relief is Here!

Moving to a New City? Relocation Relief is Here!

Just graduated from college? Making a career move? Retiring? Simply seeking a fresh start? There are a multitude of reasons that people decide to relocate; but, no matter what the reason may be, it can be difficult to move to a new city and start fresh in an area that you may not be familiar with.

So, what do you need to know to make sure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible? We’ve listed a few things that anyone relocating to a new city should consider. Whether you’re moving to or from Pittsburgh, Prudential Preferred Realty also offers relocation services that may assist in your move.

Cost is just one of the major concerns that people relocating to a new city need to consider. The cost of living varies greatly from city to city, so it is very important to check prices on a variety of things, including housing, food and transportation.

Some cities may be better for those looking to rent, while other cities may be a buyer’s dream. While shopping around for potential houses, be sure to consider differing tax rates. Our relocation team can help you get a handle on the market in Pittsburgh or another area.

Transportation costs and options also vary in different cities. Not only should you consider what your commute may be like, you should consider public transportation options, parking and city-walkability.

Of course, the cost of a night out and, even, the cost of groceries can vary as well. A cost of living index can give you a good picture of what the cost of living in a certain city may be like.

In addition to cost, here are some city attributes to consider:

  • Weather
  • Demographics
  • Population
  • Crime Rate
  • Schools
  • Child Care
  • Recreation
  • Employment
  • Pet Care
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Services

And, then, there are the tedious tasks that go along with relocating. Depending on where you move, you may need to check into professional moving services and storage options.

Another detail that can easily fall through the cracks during a relocation is taking care of your mail. Don’t forget to change your address, forward your mail and let your family and friends know where they can find you.

Your home, renters and auto insurance policies will also need to be updated. You can expect to see changes in each policy.

While travel guides and online forums may help paint a partial picture of a new city, our Relocation Department will help complete a city profile for you. We are also happy to help you market your current home and search for your new home. Finally, if the move is too much for you, your spouse or your children, we will be glad to recommend relocation counseling services.

Contact our Relocation Department for relocation relief today!