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Money Matters: 10 Small At-Home Changes that Equal Big Savings!

Money Matters: 10 Small At-Home Changes that Equal Big Savings!

Chances are, whether you’re saving up to buy a new home, you’ve just moved or you’d like to make some improvements to your current home – you wouldn’t mind saving a little money.

Did you know that the home is a great place to start looking for ways to save? Thanks to the queen of do-it-yourself sites, Pinterest, we found TONS of great tips on ways to save at home. Here are 10 of the best:


  1. We’re living in a world of ever-changing technology and utilizing some of it can actually save you some cash! Cut out that $100/month cable bill and still enjoy your favorite shows by streaming them on Hulu or Netflix for a fraction of the price. You can even watch your favorite local channels by picking up a less expensive HD antenna.
  2. When is the last time you were ever without your cell phone? Quit trying to remember and just cancel your landline already! If you still feel nervous about cutting the cord (literally), make a one-time investment and buy a magicJack.
  3. Since you’re cleaning house on all of those expensive bills, you might as well also save some green by cleaning your house with some less expensive brands. There are easy ways to make your own cleaners, but just switching to generic brands can keep your house clean while saving some green.
  4. It may not be only your stains that are coming out in the wash. If you’re regularly sending clothes to the dry cleaner, you may be washing your hard-earned money away, too. DIY dry cleaning is a fraction of the cost and you don’t have to wait for days to get your favorite shirts back.
  5. Even if DIY dry cleaning is not for you, did you know that turning that knob from “hot” to “cold” could also save you a few extra dollars? Nerdgraph.com reports that washing with cold water is over 90% cheaper than washing with hot!
  6. While you’re turning down the heat on your washer, consider adjusting your thermostat, too. Programming your thermostat to some milder temperatures will make only subtle differences to your comfort, but may add up to significant savings in your bank account.
  7. While we’re talking temperature, make sure that your programmed efforts are not disappearing into thin air. Properly insulating your home is a great way to keep your utility bills from overinflating. You can even increase those savings by insulating your hot water heater.
  8. Speaking of hot water, you already know that shorter showers can equal big savings, but if you need those extra minutes, try buying a low-flow showerhead. You’ll be conserving water and spending less, without sacrificing your “me” time.
  9. Starting to see the light? Another easy way to save big at home is by switching out your light bulbs. Not only do environmentally-friendly bulbs cost less, they last longer! Why wouldn’t you switch?
  10. Finally, just use the resources at your disposal. How much do you spend on bottled water each week? You can eliminate that expense completely by drinking your tap water. You’ll even be increasing the storage space in your cupboards and refrigerator while you’re increasing your savings!

See these and other great ways to save at home by checking out our Pinterest page.