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Merry Christmas! Tips for Ho-Ho-Hosting a Perfect Holiday Party

Merry Christmas! Tips for Ho-Ho-Hosting a Perfect Holiday Party

Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means… ‘tis the season for hosting family and friends! Instead of feeling that holiday stress over making sure that your guests feel at-home while you throw a Pinterestly-perfect Christmas party, feel confident that your holiday soiree will be one that everyone enjoys and remembers for years to come.

But, you know how it goes. When you have a house full of family members and friends, it can be hard to please everyone at once. This Christmas, we’re throwing out the naughty list and trading it in for a nice list of ways to make sure that all of your holiday guests feel welcome in your home.

Here are 10 tips for playing host or hostess this holiday season:

Be flexible. Unless you’re planning a formal holiday dinner this Christmas, allow your guests to come and go as they please by hosting a holiday open house in your home. You likely will feel more relaxed without having to worry about pleasing everyone at once. Plus, your guests will appreciate the flexibility, especially if your house is just one of their many stops during a hectic holiday.


Involve your guests. The Christmas season is considered the most wonderful time of the year and many people have their own reasons for what makes it so wonderful to them. That’s why, when you are planning your holiday celebration, it is a nice idea to involve your guests instead of dictating the structure of the day.


Start new traditions. If you’re involving your guests in the planning of your holiday celebration and finding out that it is impossible to incorporate everyone’s traditions, it is OK to throw some tradition out the window and start your own. In fact, adding something new to your holiday celebration may be a welcome idea to all of your guests.


Celebrate a casual Christmas. Speaking of new traditions, whoever said that your holiday celebration had to be around a formal dining room table? The holidays are all about being social; so, break up the formality of the day by serving your guests buffet-style. This will allow for maximum mixing and mingling during your holiday party!


Let the kids be kids! Often times, there is no one who is filled with the holiday spirit more than an excited child, particularly after they’ve opened up a few presents. On Christmas day, embrace that holiday spirit by allowing children to quickly eat and spend the remainder of their day playing together with old friends and new holiday toys. Remember, a happy child equals happy parents! J


Arrange a kid-free zone. Although it is hard to beat the joy that you can see in a child’s eyes on Christmas day, it is also important to remember that not everyone has children and not everyone wants to spend the day playing with Frozen or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. Make sure that your holiday party is a hit with all guests by setting up a quiet, kid-free area where adults can be adults. A kid-free space is a great place to keep adult beverages and plenty of seating for socializing. 


Fill the pantry. Ah, yes… holiday socializing. When you’re playing holiday host or hostess, there never can be enough food and drink! So, if your menu includes cocktail meatballs and crab dip, keep an extra supply of crackers and other snacks on hand. Who knows how long the festivities will go on into the night and you want to make sure that your guests are always equipped with a full plate of food and a full glass of their favorite beverage!


Make room at the inn. If you’ve invited friends or family members to stay overnight at your home during the holidays, go the extra mile in making sure that their stay is a comfortable one by adding a few amenities to your guest room. A care package that includes bottled water, a few snacks and even some Advil is a nice touch. Houseguests also love plenty of electrical outlets to charge their gadgets and an easy, how-to guide to hook up to your at-home Wi-Fi.


Have extra gifts on hand. Everyone tends to feel a little more generous around the holidays, so you may find yourself throwing out a few last-minute invitations to your holiday happening. In turn, your guests may feel a little more inclined to shower you with extra gifts this year. Be prepared for any unexpected gift exchanges by stocking up on a few extra gift items. Photo frames, holiday ornaments and restaurant gift cards make great gifts for any holiday guest.


Ask for help if you need it! Don’t get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays that you forget to enjoy them! When it comes to your Christmas party, remember that you’ve invited your closest friends and family over to enjoy the day. If you need help with any part of your hosting duties, don’t be afraid to ask for it! In reality, as much as you want your guests to enjoy the party, they want to see you enjoy it, too!

From all of us at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices The Preferred Realty, have a safe and wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas!