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Making a House “Home” with 10 Tools Every Homeowner Must Have

Making a House “Home” with 10 Tools Every Homeowner Must Have

It’s Homeowner 101 really, you’ve got to have the tools to get the job (or jobs!) around the house done. But, if you’re not a jack-of-all-trades and you don’t want to ask “handy Uncle Bill” to help out with all of your little home improvements or fixer-upper tasks, what tools are “must haves” for all the little things you may need to do around the house?

Here are 10 essential tools (and a few extras, too) that no homeowner should do without:

  1. Screwdrivers – and lots of them! From putting together children’s toys to putting on the kitchen hardware or adding that dimmer switch for perfect lighting, if you don’t have a good set of screwdrivers, you’re sure to have a few loose screws!
  2. Hammer – If you’re planning to hang anything on the walls of your new home or you would like to tighten up those loose boards on the deck of the fixer-upper you just bought, you’ll need to keep a hammer and, possibly even a rubber mallet, close by.
  3. Tape Measure – Eye-balling the middle of the wall may seem like a great idea, but when you’re hanging family photos, you want to make sure Grandma is center stage! In addition to your tape measure, you may want to carry a roll of carpenter’s tape to accurately mark what you measure!
  4. Level – Speaking of eye-balling it, once you have Grandma centered, make sure she’s not crooked by enlisting the help of an inexpensive level. Even the slightest miscalculation can make things look awry.
  5. Pliers: If you’re working with metal or need to grab a tiny strand of electrical wire, a good set of needle-nose pliers will be your best friend. Adding a pair of combination and slip joint pliers should help you complete any at-home task.
  6. Wrench: Not to throw a wrench in the works, but you’ll be glad you have a socket wrench, and even an allen wrench, on hand to tighten or loosen nuts on projects that range from assembling furniture to fixing the kitchen sink.
  7. Power Drill/Driver: Sure, you can try to hand-turn the screws on every project around the house, but after one project (OK, two at most), your hands may be begging you to invest in a good drill. Save those hands for all the other tools that require a little extra effort.
  8. Knife – maybe a few. Utility knives are great for nearly every project, like opening over-taped boxes, scraping long-dried paint or cutting extra strings. You may also find that a drywall knife and putty knife come in handy, too.
  9. Stud Finder – Ladies, you may think this tool was your keen ability to find Mr. Right (or Wrong) when you were in college, but what a good stud finder can do is accurately locate the studs behind your walls. You know, so your photos and wall art stay put.
  10. Marking Pencil – How can you say “no” to an essential tool that costs so little and saves so much? Instead of marking up your expert paint job with a pen, carry a good marking pencil or piece of chalk to mark what you measure or what is level or… anything else you want to remember! Using a pencil won’t permanently mark up your beautiful new home, but it will make sure your furniture, photos or shelves are perfectly-placed!

What’s even better about these 10+ tools that can help a homeowner complete every project? They are 10 essential tools that won’t break a homeowner’s bank!