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Make Halloween Last All Year Long – Buy a Haunted House!

Make Halloween Last All Year Long – Buy a Haunted House!

Eerie, spooky and creepy are just some of the words that are widely used to describe events and outings during this hauntingly fun time of year. But, once Halloween is over, are they words you want to be using to describe your own home?

In addition to cathedral ceilings and a finished basement, some of today’s homebuyers have also put Casper the Friendly Ghost on their list of “must haves” for a new home. Yes, that’s right. Even when it is not time for trick-or-treaters and other Halloween hijinks, there are homebuyers who are in search of that perfect haunted house.

So, if you’ve got an itch for a paranormal home-buying experience, what can you do to search for a haunted house that’s for sale? You don’t immediately have to dial up the Ghostbusters; but, here are a few tips for hunting down a haunted property:

Check the Seller’s Disclosures: Some sellers take the “everything we know about the house” line to include that unexplained noise or those frightful sights they swear they’ve heard and seen in the middle of a night. If you’re looking for a haunted property, you may have to look no further than the owner’s account of their time there to find the freakish fun you’re seeking.


Chat with the Neighbors: In the same way that you may ask a neighbor about traffic noise on the street or how pet friendly everyone in the neighborhood is, chat them up about the potentially haunted house’s history. Ask if they’ve seen or heard anything unusual about the house… if you dare!


Do Some Quick Research: Where do you usually go when you want to know something… and fast? Yep, check Google or your favorite search engine for some quick facts about your potential new address. You can bet that the Internet will be a great source for any factual or fictional stories about a home that’s rumored to be haunted.


Trust Your Instincts: Finally, if you’re touring a house for sale and you get that spine-tingling feeling, trust your own sixth sense. Some of those eerie sounds actually could be attributed to a creaky staircase, the house settling or plumbing issues. But, if you notice the faucets mysteriously turning on and off or you think you hear footsteps where you know that no one was walking, you may have found your perfect haunted dream home!

If you do find the haunted house of your dreams, don’t expect to get a deep discount just because you may be sharing the property with some paranormal partners. Some haunted houses come with a pretty hefty price tag. If you’re interested in a little piece of history and a ghastly good time, check out some of these famous haunted homes that are currently on the market. Happy Halloween!