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Just Moved In and Unpacked? Time to Meet the New Neighbors!

Just Moved In and Unpacked? Time to Meet the New Neighbors!

Between all of the packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, cleaning, decorating, organizing and every other little to-do that goes along with moving into a new home, one very important step of being in a new neighborhood can easily be left out: meeting new neighbors.

Whether you’re a social butterfly or more of the private type, you’re going to want to get to know the people who live around you. After all, you never know when you may need that extra cup of sugar or when it might be nice to have someone watch over your home while you’re on vacation.

But, with all of the very necessary chores that go along with the moving process, how can you possibly have time to meet your new neighbors? Well, you may have to make time and here are five fun and easy ways to do just that:

  1. Spend Time Out Front – A good way to meet your new neighbors when you move is to make yourself more approachable by spending some time in your front yard or on your front porch. That way, you can introduce yourself to neighbors who may be walking by or spending time in their own front yards. So, play with the kids, trim some shrubs or relax with a glass of wine… do whatever you enjoy, but do it outside; you’re likely to meet your new neighbors and even make some new friends in no time!


  2. Help Them Get to Know You With a Gift – It’s true; when you move, neighbors will often drop by with a home-cooked meal or bottle of wine just to say hello… after all, they want to get to know you, too. But, there is no rule that says you can’t be the one to initiate that introduction. Make your favorite go-to recipe or take your favorite seasonal plant to a neighbor’s house. It’ll show your neighbors a little about you and get the ball rolling on getting to know them, too.


  3. Host an Event – Well, when we put it that way, it may sound like an awful lot of planning that someone who’s working on putting a new home together just doesn’t have time to do. But, hosting a community potluck or bring-your-own-bottle party doesn’t have to require hours of planning. Use social media, print up some flyers or go door-to-door and invite your neighbors to drop by for a fun afternoon of drinks, snacks and, of course, ice-breaking conversation!


  4. Take a Walk – If you still think you’ve got to no time to do anything but unpack and organize, you probably need a break anyway. So, take a short half hour and go for a walk through your new neighborhood. Don’t be bashful! Say hello to people you pass by. Even if you don’t meet everyone right away, you will appear more friendly and approachable. You’ll also be getting a little exercise! Win – win!


  5. Have Your Dog or Children Help – Many communities have dog parks, playgrounds, pools or other common areas where neighbors meet up to socialize. If you’ve got a dog, you’ve probably already checked out the dog park. If you’ve got kids, it’s doubtful that you’ve been able to keep them away from the playground or pool. But, if you haven’t visited those places yet and you’re still trying to meet your new neighbors while you get situated, get there before the weather turns cold!

Without a doubt, the moving process is time-consuming and tiring. Meeting new neighbors and making some new friends during that time can be like a breath of fresh air when you’re mired in packing paper and cardboard boxes. So, new homeowners, consider putting one or all five of our tips into practice while you’re busy getting settled in your new home!