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Just Bought a New Home? Put These 10 Products on Your Must-Have List!

Just Bought a New Home? Put These 10 Products on Your Must-Have List!

Buying a home is probably one of the biggest purchases that most people will ever make. But, when you finally sign on that dotted line and pick up your set of keys as a new homeowner, you also should be prepared to make some smaller purchases that will ensure smooth move-in and home maintenance.

Beefing up the toolbox is always necessary as a new homeowner, but there are some other items that many homeowners run out and buy while they are moving in and getting settled. Here are 10 of those must-have products for new homeowners:

1. Ladder – Every homeowner needs a ladder and sometimes they may need two! A simple step stool is great for reaching that highest kitchen cabinet, but a step ladder may be necessary for other tasks around the house. From jobs like changing light bulbs and hanging pictures to checking insulation in the attic and more, every homeowner needs at least one ladder. 

2. Bucket – Moving in to a new home can be a messy process. Unpacking boxes can kick up dirt and dust; so, once things are settled, new homeowners often want to scrub down the walls, clean the floors and do other cleaning tasks around the house. Being able to carry a bucket of soapy water around makes those cleaning processes much easier.

3. Garden Hose – Another new homeowner must-have purchase is a garden hose. From washing the car to watering the lawn, so many outdoor maintenance projects are made easier with the help of a garden hose.

4. Lawnmower – Once a new homeowner has purchased a garden hose and has nailed down a routine for watering the lawn, a lawnmower is another must-have homeowner purchase. Plus, a nicely cut lawn gives an instant boost to a home’s curb appeal. 

5. Shovel – From summer maintenance to winter maintenance, the next must-have item on many new homeowners’ shopping lists is a trusty shovel. Homeowners won’t want to wait until the first snow storm to run to the hardware store to purchase a shovel.

6. Plunger – A plunger is another homeowner purchase that should be made before it is needed. In the event that a bathroom plunger is needed, it is far better to only need to look in a cabinet than to have to run to the hardware store.

7. Trash Cans – New homeowners often need to purchase garbage cans for their local trash pickup. It is a good idea to call the trash removal company to see if there is a specific garbage can that is required. Many disposal services also provide recycling cans for homeowners.

8. Extension Cords – While no one wants to have extension cords laying all over their home, it is a good idea to keep an extension cord or electrical cord on hand for emergencies and other home projects. They can be used indoors or outside for everything from hanging holiday lights to moving more freely with power tools.

9. Blinds – Some new homeowners may purchase a home that already comes with window treatments, but if a new homeowner isn’t happy with them or the home simply doesn’t have them, blinds are one of the first home purchases that are made. Depending on personal preference and number of blinds needed, buying blinds can be a hefty home purchase that is made during the move-in process.

10. Patio Furniture – Just when new homeowners think they’ve got everything they need and they’re ready to relax on the patio, they may realize that they need to buy patio furniture! After moving in to a new home and setting everything up, it is nice to have somewhere to relax and just enjoy being a homeowner, so patio furniture often moves to the top of a new homeowner’s must-have list.

Obviously, there are many purchases that a new homeowner can make for their home. But, the 10 items we’ve listed are sure to help any new homeowner start out right in their new home.